NameWorld War Heroes: Military Shooter
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War is a very serious matter and not everyone will be able to cope with such tests that await the player. You can download World War Heroes: World War II COD for android and take part in the amazing military events of this time. You are waiting for massive battles among millions of players from all over the world. Thanks to the ability to participate in multiplayer mode, you can achieve high rewards and trophies. Try to destroy your enemies by participating in tank battles right at the border of Berlin and many other cities that remember this time. Each of the fights will be deadly. Plant bombs and organize a powerful defense of your borders and do not part with weapons even for a minute. The player who decides download World War Heroes: World War II COD for android will be in seven cities that remember the legendary battles of the times. Use for warfare four categories of various military equipment, which belongs to the American, Japanese, German and Russian production. Take part in seven game modes and even try to play by your own personal rules. Over 55 weapons, including legendary assault rifles, machine guns and sniper rifles.

World War Heroes: Military Shooter Cheats List (April 29, 2022)

  • O4XIpPshmgUexf7MnSTBE1LAWquoa8
  • loVuKUOIhB9E3fYyZLTpRM28zW5nvX
  • aO4VxN2GhWKetIEmCS0QYHjdrU6kZR
  • ISvOH3JyQXtW0V91KYjNmekFl5wofL
  • S1KcazZjENoMUftnCgPpA72u6YsGw3
  • yspBblXTaq2viRIe7384QcJ0fgo6kd
  • i1Q5u3lnAIzMRT0P9ZymN7x6EsDCLd
  • C6mlts08gdGFNMn32cjyVZELkH7RUB
  • Xgspqm6c0EhxfVW8ube1ijO35BLlSy

Each code can only be entered 846 times. So if World War Heroes: Military Shooter codes are not working, wait for our next update.

Multiplayer World War II

Real hardcore wars, overflowing with realism and weapons. Only the team that will act cohesively and effectively will be able to win. As for realism, any player can be killed by a bullet in the head with one shot or two bullets in the body. Therefore, be extremely careful and remember that you do not have a huge supply of lives, as is the case in other games. Play in teams or alone. In the second case, the only survivor wins. In addition, there are many other game modes filled with a military atmosphere and beautiful high-quality graphics.

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