NameWind Rider!
UpdateMay 12, 2022
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wind rider! is an exciting and easy arcade game in which the player has to test himself as a superhero and fly over the skyscrapers of the largest city, gaining as many points as possible.

How to Redeem Code (May 12, 2022)

  • EUkSCIdmYALbFepB9guH3WqGjQ76vT
  • 2wgjALlWC3MtPvheYG7DITEZqmQo6r
  • yZUVAEgF0tsoG35O4v2wlH9rianQdB
  • Lp97Gs3VOD4iAFbMtYRHh821WNzr0C
  • lDbWQhTfF6euKpyzstYLqgXPdMvC90
  • mCHo7SN1D9lGjLMdeKEQWI6nBiaPX8
  • 6UfCXK0BqkAuNI7oiEc5wbvDsTtLyV
  • OQ5UkIhRer1ul3V94DW2dXxEqivmYK
  • Bg60cvIouhWHj7EXaCfZKyTONrqQGM
  • 2un1XW6QKidjkL4GsPJ5hfAbgNBZlw

Each code can only be entered 508 times. So if Wind Rider! codes are not working, wait for our next update.

Go and enjoy the most addictive and simple game in which there is absolutely nothing difficult to manage. You have to become a hero who, thanks to the wings on his suit, can soar in the air and fly for an infinite amount of time. The further the player manages to fly, the higher the points earned. At their expense, you can move up in the rating list, among your friends or other players. Install in Wind Rider! New records every day and get rewards for your achievements. You will find a huge number of levels and a free large-scale territory of the city for research and travel. Enjoy daily challenges and try to be the best. All this will be infinitely fun and interesting.

Features of the game Wind Rider!

  • Endless levels and fun;
  • Huge city for free flights;
  • A superhero who can float in the air;
  • Racing in record lists;
  • Mass of tests in three-dimensional graphics;
  • The simplest control and it will be available to children.

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