Wild West: Farm Town Build Cheats 35.6

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NameWild West: Farm Town Build
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Go to the Wild West to become the owner of your own amazing ranch and populate a huge number of animals. As soon as you can download Wild West: New Frontier for Android, you will feel a unique atmosphere in which there has never been a single farm management game. Here, in the vast and hot territories of the Wild West, the player will be able to become the owner of his own large ranch and devote all his free time to this work. Constantly improve it and expand it to increase efficiency and profit. Gather a huge variety of animals, provide stable feeding and cozy pens for them. Suggest to friends download Wild West: New Frontier for androide, to find new neighbors for your ranch. They will be of great help to you and will be able to constantly share the necessary items and resources. Together with a large family, you will work for the benefit of your household and even correspond with the help of an in-game chat. You can try to organize a whole neighborhood union and compete with other communities. To feed your animals, you must have your own field. Grow large crops of wheat, corn and even grow fruit crops. Due to this, it will be possible to provide their livestock with food and thus grow large individuals.

Codes List (May 19, 2022)

  • Sq7cfmXoDHZBY4vr5IA8U9T2ywNPEV
  • UdwlA5o3cKJaWIEr2PxHtijMZGnvuS
  • UIzmrNlvsbWh0QoduMKGkAfcJxD8X6
  • 9DN8WT23tbURaQvmEn6slcAHuoSLdB
  • byZJEzrkKpOjNM59Q3YxvWFl6GAVcC
  • 0mZ2YXOhariNQb3qjK5lcDHfAJ4UEu
  • uRjy2wWmNCQMDJv04d3YKEpbtZr7HG
  • lQt4mn9YWiHxFhULqjSDezAZBOoVCG
  • n5oVTYArRvadG0HpSs2yt6cjMlqbF7
  • PiuYZeT4UngRp3I5QjOMk278BWfvKq

Each code can only be entered 256 times. So if Wild West: Farm Town Build codes are not working, wait for our next update.

Unique farm with funny animals

In addition to your profitable household, arrange the appearance and furnish your own home. You can build a kitchen, put a grill there and fry delicious sausages or meat. Moreover, the player can study a bunch of different recipes, then to turn them into reality. Sell ​​farm products and get big money for it to start expanding. If you develop far, you can even take possession of the mines.

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