NameWarlords of Aternum
UpdateMay 4, 2022
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Warlords of Aternum is a fantasy strategy game on an unimaginably grand scale. It is adapted for your mobile device and will allow you to enjoy fantastic battles every day.

List of Cheats (May 4, 2022)

  • 3TwkmZsKqOVGlx9IDHzcuSbYeod4Nt
  • 5vjU39ZIQt0fV48ugKa7BTJqwpdiPS
  • efDAQHOmy206wVb397Y4kuhnKx5I8i
  • 2hLJCNTyxkAMDWrZdaO1X4mv95o0iS
  • zN2u3e7dFavTjR8YgVBrfsiMUC1btH
  • DpdP78JoGivQItyWBc9LCmFzsManKN
  • vrOEnqalQZTKWMuAs68GHLJfNpiY9k
  • mIL03Jo9ykfRjvF1EcuVnBpHU4rqDS
  • QrR1Vzg7eiMLw95YUcX2q36sklaJvE
  • meqcGWdYrv50Iafhni2HFp6gsTUZNA

Each code can only be entered 262 times. So if Warlords of Aternum codes are not working, wait for our next update.

The strategy in this large-scale and fantastic world was created specifically for mobile phones. All actions must be performed in a step-by-step mode, and for fans of this genre, such a moment will be a clear advantage, so that today download Warlords of Aternum for android. Once you are on the battlefield, you will immediately feel how serious each battle is. Demonstrate the full power of your heroes and strategies. After each successful research, players can recruit new fighters to their team and train them in the general group. Perhaps you can create an incredibly cool team that can deal with serious opponents. The game has more variety of categories of warriors with their own unique abilities and style. You will need to learn all this in order to continue to develop the team. Use new uniforms and weapons for warriors, because this is a very important part of such a fantastic war.

Fantasy strategy in the game Warlords of Aternum

In turn-based strategies, it is very important to use cunning and logic abilities to defeat enemies. Each next step can be the final one in order to end the battle. Think of how you can defeat your enemy and make a stunning move with one of the warriors. Travel across the large-scale territories of this vast world and equip your heroes. Choose only the best for them when you can download Warlords of Aternum for Android and do not forget about the base, which constantly needs defense and protection. Immerse yourself in this epic game and destroy huge crowds of enemies. Try to throw all your strength into winning the war and enjoy your place in the ranking leaderboards.

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