NameTower Conquest: Tower Defense
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Tower Conquest – the most popular strategy where you have to recruit a deadly army and destroy the towers of numerous opponents. Explore a huge number of different worlds, fight with enemies that are getting stronger and stronger, increase your strength by unlocking new warriors and advance to the first places in the ranking of players.

List of Cheats (May 2, 2022)

  • EdHoRQGa7iVqSfFOnmJBWrDLg8Xuec
  • oA7Zqt9xlsf1MnaizHbmERpJSgckj5
  • NMvlnePz7I2ZSBL0RWgjfDQo14dG3T
  • XHTKySUcs3oaeJEC6bk2QIgGWpPjhd
  • Gi5t3PwJyjTQeVSFnUp7mokfZdxD0z
  • CW02wTS3VxXrknPUisQBbzRqvJAYdZ
  • urGqBYJNCT6PL0W3vey9Mtgh57O41k
  • Fm0MI8oLlhEBri3wSpJq7tXGbQgR6x
  • 2Ecl9ZCTjqrI0WnQyuw1p47hNgJoxR
  • lpcMwzWUK2gmS5HXsYLAkybfJ9RvCF

Each code can only be entered 337 times. So if Tower Conquest: Tower Defense codes are not working, wait for our next update.

The gameplay of the game Tower Conquest boils down to the following: at different ends of the arena there are towers that summon troops that attack the opponent and defend their tower. To win the battle, you must be the first to destroy the opponent’s tower, and if you meet the certain time and do not let the enemy damage your tower, you will receive additional rewards.
There are 5 different factions in the game – the Kingdom, the Evil Ones, the Robots, the Jade Empire and the Invaders. The warriors of each faction have a unique appearance and special skills. Each faction includes not only ordinary warriors, but also a separate tower, as well as a special hero with improved characteristics that can turn the tide of battle.
Tower Conquest is a great field for experimentation. Combine different units in a squad to find the best tactics and win with minimal losses, because each warrior here has its own advantages and disadvantages. Over time, you will be able to create up to 5 squads, each of which will be able to perform certain tasks, easily coping with certain opponents.

  • An exciting strategy game where you have to destroy enemy towers.
  • Explore many worlds with strong enemies.
  • 5 factions with special types of units.
  • Develop your troops using gold and cards.
  • Epic Arena battles and daily quests.

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