NameTinker Island: Island Survival Adventure
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Tinker Island: Island Survival Adventure – an exciting game created in a special pixel art. Here you have to face the threat of survival and build your own city. Fight for resources and explore the huge map of this mysterious place.

Tinker Island: Island Survival Adventure Cheats List (April 29, 2022)

  • AJHeObkwxKSmoMBVgIvdyGcnFzj982
  • 4DromzLUTFaBwJ9KQgNM1i6tuSnRVO
  • 8UH29CFAMbN6LrVkznwja4slgZ5eSd
  • QLu7gnX9GaRD3CJkSfch1VwEBT0o5r
  • jeqpVI5BMoKv3R0WYJDrgETXdHSukO
  • ecQrq0dHTMuLmF2xGRSPVsagIkjACJ
  • wTKx4kUMR52o6jSWLDhzCsymrEli7f
  • idTbIsq2aJuwVNr7G3F8LMUAZ6B0K4
  • PhKRF0I87upO9wBY2iyQoUsfTCNArm
  • KznVfhPSaADOBJc43kjuoyFZwgWdGT

Each code can only be entered 880 times. So if Tinker Island: Island Survival Adventure codes are not working, wait for our next update.

All players are thrown onto an unusual and completely empty island, where a beautiful atmosphere of the tropics reigns. There will be a certain number of survivors with you, but you need to try to become a leader and take control of them in order to create favorable conditions for survival. Take everyone on your adventures and start building your own base, which will become the protection and place of life for all the remaining crew members. Explore every day the island and new amazing places in Tinker Island: Island Survival and Adventure. You may be seriously lucky and find treasures in this place. Get useful resources every day and even engage in crafting, which will help you create items of incredible power. The main thing for the participants of Tinker Island: Survival and adventure on the island is to properly manage the allotted time and not run out of it before the tour ends.

Tinker Island: Island Survival Adventure – Pixel Art

By becoming a member of this mysterious island, players will be able to enjoy the ease of use of the controls. The main goal in Tinker Island: Survival and adventure on the island is to try to survive and not let your accomplices die. You can explore this large-scale world presented in retro pixel art for a long time. Fight daily against the most dangerous monsters and take valuable rewards from them. It is only thanks to resources that one can survive in this world and the conditions of the wild. Crafting weapons and additional tools will help you with this. Become the best and lead your squad through the time of events.

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