NameThe Adventures of Baby Panda
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Baby Panda Adventures is an exciting game for kids with a little panda. Exciting adventures and a lot of fun in a fairy-tale world will await you.

Cheat Codes List (April 29, 2022)

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Each code can only be entered 283 times. So if The Adventures of Baby Panda codes are not working, wait for our next update.

Travel to ancient times right now and enjoy exciting adventures there. You have to go through a very long and difficult path along with such characters as Kiki and MiuMiu. Together, they will be ready to face danger and try to deal with every challenge that lies ahead of them. To win at each next level, you will need to demonstrate not only your own courage, but also show attentiveness along with ingenuity. When an evil witch came to your magical world, someone had to deal with her. It is you who will have to become such a hero and prevent a catastrophe on Earth. Assemble a team of legendary warriors who came from the myths whenever you can download Baby Panda Adventure for android. Panda will need to collect more than five magic stones, and they will show incredible strength and power. Try to remove the spell as quickly as possible and free the best heroes. Each of the five stones has its own magical powers and you will need to learn about them right away.

Adventures for kids in the game Baby Panda Adventures

This exciting game belongs to the developing genre, and it will give pleasure. Start your adventure right now and enjoy beautiful magic graphics created in cartoon style. Players who decide to download Baby Panda’s Adventures for Android will be able to go through more than a hundred amazing levels and receive rewards. Pave your characters the way to the crystals and lay out the path of the blocks. Think and use incredibly cool reaction speed. Each new level you have to go through exciting tests and overcome a bunch of traps set by the sorceress.

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