Tap Tap Builder Cheats 5.1.8

Admin - Last update May 2, 2022

NameTap Tap Builder
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Tap Tap Builder – an exciting clicker in which you can build the city of your dreams. Just click and work, thus, everyone really dreamed of being the mayor, and now this can be achieved and enjoyed every day.

List of Cheats (May 2, 2022)

  • XBvSOzIYbkNLw6Jf9qge0dxZcoHjUy
  • DBGg0HaxizLsm3rSq9JRXhjpNluwot
  • HqymiIsBRe83TLZxP6wVQKoakgpEtA
  • men6pWDBJ80hqUaZlod9rHCiX7jVts
  • 5qAys64hB1cLxWTrfIozVMUguiNvQX
  • JNGFRdS76VhvUwpgYrWnOtmoCek3x8
  • KcnUIylX3mHM9zspW6rkjiTLDSZB1q
  • jG2c1LWMKA4yzxOCr0X9EbS78dn6Iu
  • pIRr2z4ldZo5bcuEfBHDF8nWON3UTM
  • Ov689CMLT5hKtwr0Aju31RImbYX2Zg

Each code can only be entered 243 times. So if Tap Tap Builder codes are not working, wait for our next update.

It’s time to take a very great position and become the mayor of your own city. Here you will have access to a huge number of opportunities and actions. Sit down in your comfortable chair and start implementing the plan for building this place. Put up your first skyscraper, then copy it and develop valuable infrastructure for any place. With Tap Tap Builder you can do all this with simple clicks. All this large-scale development will require a lot of money, but it will be very easy to earn it. Even if a fire starts in the city, you need to be fully prepared to help. Start right now approaching the state of the metropolis and enjoy this exciting form of play. Start working today and quickly become a successful mayor, the fame of which will sweep around the world.

Tap Tap Builder – clicker building

Do not even think that such a huge city can build itself, because for this the player will have to click every day and do it as quickly as possible. So the whole territory will be built up, and new people will settle in it. If you are already feeling tired, then Tap Tap Builder has a real opportunity to hire new workers, and they will work automatically. When building, do not forget that you will also need to decorate the streets and houses. Invite friends to the game to exchange exclusive items and valuable resources together. Naturally, as in any real city, crime will soon get here, as well as unemployment. Solve all these problems as efficiently as possible.

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