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NameTalking Tom Gold Run
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Download free talking tom gold run game latest version for you to explore the vibrant running world. Players will be chasing the bandit in front and overcome a lot of difficult challenges. You will be with tom cat running endlessly in a virtual world. The intelligence and fun of the tom cat always brings players fascination. Smart, lovely and extremely funny in actions that make young people extremely excited.

Cheat Codes List

  • Q0qwb6a9GpySh8BjnxCVMYXuLtekoU
  • ZlYDkM2mjKVuNw0td3aiW4oyJpEBfO
  • WinRIaxhEqmdZXy5KtC8kfMsDlBYSJ
  • HyeA37MpvONdmJLVbBaI2Yqg6r591F
  • XlHimYBp425qTnO7cQ9PkguUyoKDFA
  • 48Kl7rOsuUEPzM5qXvYGecJ0CSTAdI
  • dRVDLIQkA3C82eiKv5ZMO0n7jToJ9U
  • tXxmY2uGPlJFdwfEqpRNDS9zWC7MB5
  • YhklQ8LRjUuKVWgXeiZTpAm0SyHsoG
  • rTc0N3ywSdDaoiLOtv8V9gJGIufsbY

What is Talking Tom Gold Run?

Play the game now with the latest version updated this summer. Experience the amazing running and jumping speed of an immersive virtual world. Together with cat tom complete the class task waiting for you ahead. Quickly download the game for free, which is supported for the familiar Android and Iphone operating systems.

Perform fast racing missions with racing car, windsurfing, jumping, dashing like a fever. You will be able to overcome the challenging roads of the rainbow, the city, the train, the tunnel, etc. Each of these roads has dangerous obstacles that you need to overcome. Let’s chase the robber who took a lot of gold so that you can open quite a virtual world adventure. With simple gameplay of running, jumping to overcome challenges that anyone can do. Collect a lot of gold coins along the way so they can support you and unlock many support items, upgrade features.

At the beginning of this running adventure, the game speed is slow but over time it will gradually increase. This is the real challenge for you to come to a virtual world full of interesting tasks. Download the latest free talking tom gold run game with many friends for a memorable experience. The raccoon thief has taken the gold bars and you need to pick them up on the way. You can use gold to open the inventory, raise the doors and unlock more beautiful costumes for the tom cat. Uncover all the unique mysteries in the virtual world with this intelligent cat.

You will have to run and surf on the screen to avoid dangerous objects. Stop the ultimate BOSS boss at all costs so you guys can complete the mission. Exciting gameplay and class in graphics create a beautiful and smart cat. With the effective help of Princess Angela, Hank, and Tom Girl, you can easily complete the task even more. Collect safes and crates along the way and unlock them. You will get extremely attractive and valuable gifts.

Talking Tom Gold Run Game Features

  • Run, jump and glide quickly over obstacles.
  • Use racing cars, planes, trolleys, .. for you to easily accelerate.
  • Collect chests and safes and unlock them.
  • Super engaging and super engaging mission for young people.
  • Talking tom’s great intelligence and cuteness.
  • Upgrade new features for cat tom to develop more.
  • Get back the gold coins that the thief took away.
  • Beautiful 3D graphics and funny and cute way of creating.
  • Buy more necessary items, equipment and items.
  • Vivid sound creates attraction for the virtual world.

Play the game and run and chase the gold thief running ahead. Excited when you can explore an extremely vivid virtual world. Join the cat tom on a humorous mission to bring laughter and entertainment. Participating in this talking tom gold run game, you will surely be fascinated. You can also participate in many other high-class mini games at, so what are you waiting for without discovering :))

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