NameMy Talking Tom Friends
UpdateApril 28, 2022
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My Talking Tom Friends created by the manufacturer is a very special pet game. Completely based on the same attractive genres as: My Talking Tom, My Talking Tom 2, My Talking Tom Angela, My Talking Tom HanK. From there the young people will be involved in a virtual pet reform. The special interest here is a very unique combination of Tom and Dog very funny.

Cheat Codes List

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What is My Talking Tom Friends?

You will become the owners, sincere friends with your pets. Nurture and play with them every day like best friends. Extremely attractive and entertaining with my pet family. Come or download the game my talking tom friends latest version free for android phones, iphone. Unleash your passion for care with special, funny, cute cats and dogs.

In this special house there will be: My Talking Tom, Becca, Hank and Ginger they will get to know each other. This special is interesting when you are raised with a herd of extremely funny pets. Their intelligence will make you very excited. They play with each other like innocent, innocent children. Their actions are like that of a 3-year-old child, so they need care and coaxing.

Introducing My Talking Tom Friends Game

Your pets can do all activities from the house to the garden. They can both play with each other while watering the plants and performing other activities. That intelligence creates a vibrant and lovely pet house. The free My Talking Tom Friends game will definitely be an attractive entertainment playground for all ages. As long as you love your pet, you can participate. Play with them like your best friends.

Every day, give them enough nutrients to grow up. Not only that, over time the level increases and you have more new features. Give them fun toys for them to play with on their own. Unlock and buy more beautiful costumes, cosmetics, and shoes for them. They also have a fixed sleep and need a bath every evening. The food menu will be changed regularly to help them get enough nutrients. Sometimes they can also get sick, the common cold needs medicine to support health. You are like a nanny and a close friend who plays and takes care of them every day.

Newest My Talking Tom Friends Game Features

  • Nurturing and caring, My Talking Tom ,Becca, Hank, Ginger,
  • The smart and funny, lovely pet.
  • Beautiful graphics create beautiful, cute images.
  • Performing the actions of a very special child.
  • Buy more costumes, food and drinks for your pet.
  • Help them mature quickly over time.

Their mischievousness is the joy that brings everyone. When you feel stressed and tired, come play with them. Please accumulate gold coins received to be able to unlock more necessary equipment and items.

They are very intelligent and can imitate human voices. Perform the actions of a child such as pretending to be sick, bathing, going to the toilet, going to sleep, .. You can shop and decorate the room of the pets to be beautiful and gorgeous. than. The game with free graphics, free of charge, has created an extremely new step.

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