Stonies Cheat Codes 1.53.32

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Stoneies is a high-quality simulator of the life of an ancient person. The player will have to go to the Stone Age and plunge into the reality and the difficulty of such a life. Help a person to survive and create offspring.

How to Redeem Code (May 2, 2022)

  • pIbTQZNEraW1Rdtl3C27YsFJwLiyGM
  • GLgytaIBE8DsNXvYxSbzfuc6dC5Vrn
  • QWOAExZKfkLt10jwTSGvePBpDRYhqC
  • APYMNgZBr7z0SsbcU6fnTVFIOtlHha
  • Ln0zShaltjPsfuOcwD3evQ61rgX7W9
  • V2MhxFoU4Ti8lCD3GXIjgz1JKf5uty
  • 83SmDtIHOWPjJFryTLdx6vR1Ck2EGc
  • XSLWoFcTAN3mBjdu7DzVEQIyv4pUfk
  • ZVQ9540IDYTS2bjJdr1cB73mz8yCus
  • OdTEY0rNZnqImk8ozWL534Msg21eFh

Each code can only be entered 291 times. So if Stonies codes are not working, wait for our next update.

The most original game that can send players to the Stone Age. Here you can go through your own story and enjoy the uniqueness of the gameplay. The player will have to take as a basis the creation of a tribe in the Stonies and develop into the future. Create an ideal place where you can live peacefully with your relatives. To find food you need to go hunting or fishing. The first step, of course, is to learn how to make fire in order to fry food, because even ancient people would not eat it raw. The village will constantly grow due to your active actions. Manage the clan competently and advance it further to the next era of human life. Players will be able to learn about the dangers that await ancient people on their life path. Stonies will bring a huge amount of opportunities and joy to players around the world. Be sure to try playing in such a simulator and stay impressed.

The ancient world in the game Stones

A huge number of actions to be taught to a man from the Stone Age. They must learn how to cut down trees using stone axes, as well as learn the taste of fruits from plants. In the process, the ancient man even learned to assemble weapons and use them to go hunting against wild animals. Enjoy the gameplay in Stonies and become the best. Expand your own territories and build the first hut, and then you will have many of them and there will be enough space for every person from the tribe. The animation in this simulator is very colorful and even fun, and players from the universe will definitely like it.

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