NameHarvest Land
UpdateMay 4, 2022
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An addictive game that is ideal for all ages, will make you plunge into an amazing magical atmosphere. Try downloading Slavs: Farm for Android and find yourself on a mysterious island that no one has ever known about until now. Now you will need to promote this island and develop production on it. Start by growing useful crops on the island, and for this you will initially have to plow the land. Then it will need to be sown with new productive plants. Then you can collect them and sell them for big money. In addition, the player will be able to breed animals and set up new production facilities.

Cheat Codes List (May 4, 2022)

  • fKlyVjPuYqGapATwxBHeLRQ9d4Ih2Z
  • ayZQfw6Md1LDxX3ozOCUl5pVb0EkYH
  • OuaXqNjJUsbVxe3DIYT6mMc8fh0Lnz
  • H0dbFeOfIoLkPEzmMuTB51R69D7N4r
  • 5avhU4cqV1mjzftrSp8unHiRYKolOM
  • c9QZPguthi7vL8wsGEYAmKJbjXRVMU
  • L3NUJpVbYtgrcRM0j4shoOm9A26kZI
  • xF8NaZ9k3Gb5W2EvzoTSBfIUwCKipg
  • SpaATv7ZxrBQUEwqXd5DMch4kL93HF
  • AirGQN7x61E2cHV3fZhMDUqwY9nOuz

Each code can only be entered 523 times. So if Harvest Land codes are not working, wait for our next update.

Now you can download Slavs: Farm for android and get a unique game along with the following features:

  • The original system of development of crop production and animal husbandry;
  • A huge number of objects for construction and production of resources;
  • Breathtaking achievement system;
  • Original gameplay and beautiful 3D image graphics;
  • Large-scale gameplay possibilities;
  • Great opportunities to develop your own business in such a magical atmosphere.

Beautiful farm graphics

The player will be able to grow a huge variety of crops and crops on their fertile lands. Start by raising animals to get food from them. The player will be able to accept chickens, cows and pigs into his ranch. Build as many objects as possible on your farm and you can put houses for people, a bakery, for the production of bread and many other buildings. All this can increase the efficiency of your production. Explore new places on the map and find artifacts with which you can equip the caravan and engage in a trading scheme. You will enjoy every game moment and place on the map.

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