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NameRumble Stars Soccer
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Rumble Stars Soccer is a fantastic soccer game with a multiplayer mode, so everyone plays it. The crazy atmosphere of football battles with the best players from all over the world reigns here.

List of Gift Codes (April 29, 2022)

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  • L8QMb3XRjINn52CK7BUtZTJD6ai9qO
  • P641yOHuUzrxsgc28JaWIYEL3S5jKn
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Each code can only be entered 759 times. So if Rumble Stars Soccer codes are not working, wait for our next update.

An excellent physics engine and amazingly beautiful three-dimensional graphics will make any player a fan of this particular football. The control of the game is very easy to learn and even a beginner can do it. After that, the hardest part begins in Rumble Stars Soccer and it consists in competitions against the best athletes in the fantasy world. Meet them in the arenas and try to win the football match. Gather the best team of characters such as rumbles and they look like animals. Having collected the most effective team from them, you can arrange for yourself a passage to the next league or even become a champion. Each meeting with rivals will be held in real time. Try to become the best in Rumble Stars Soccer battles and get important rewards for yourself.

Rumble Stars Soccer – multiplayer fantasy football

Play fantasy football with the best players or even with your friends. Here everyone will be able to demonstrate professionalism and skill by participating in epic tournaments. Collect as many Rumble Stars Soccer characters as possible and make a team out of them, the actions of which will take place on a completely realistic physics engine. You can come up with a whole line of combinations to advance further in the gameplay and win new rewards every day. Create your own football association with your friends and then you can communicate.

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