NameRules Of Survival
UpdateApril 28, 2022
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Welcome more than 100 million gamers and warriors to the rules of survival for a mysterious adventure experience with ancient lands. Survival battles will continue with gamers around the world and you will feel how difficult it is to survive. The realistic viewing angle and the exceptionally sharp images that everyone has been extremely spectacular. Come to 0kgame for you to be fully updated with the latest versions and many other attractive mini-games.

Cheat Codes List

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What is Tải Game Rules Of Survival?

  • Join the new map 8 * 8 km unarmed parachuting onto a deserted island where you will have to try to survive when only 1 person survives the last of 120 people or 300 people when The safe zone will shrink over time and resist the dangerous areas of toxic gas and avoid the death that the enemy will cause very suddenly.
  • There are many other attractive tactical game modes such as single or team battles to show off your unique tactical intelligence in a dangerous survival life when you have to fight guns, fierce bomb battles, and pick up more. More powerful disguise weapons and smart safe passage for you to destroy the enemy and survive to the last minute.
  • You will also be provided with many other means of transportation such as cars, canoes, bicycles, tanks, boats… to move on the most suitable terrain.
  • 4-head map for gamers to run, fight, collect weapons and fight items to survive on a sharp full HD map.

In FPS mode, creating the most realistic perspective for you to better understand how extremely dangerous and fierce battles are both on land and at sea. Hack game rules of survival create an extremely unexpected drama when bullets are released from every angle, but only tactical intelligence can survive in this fierce life.

Survival or not is up to you to decide your fate so try your best so that you can become a brave warrior to overcome all the dangers and challenges that are happening right now. in front of his eyes.

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