UpdateMay 22, 2022
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Real Taxi Sim 2018 is a unique colorful simulator that allows you to ride a car and complete numerous tasks provided by the developers.

List of Gift Codes (May 22, 2022)

  • haySdc3QlifIPR8AzxmwnGJX0j9bTY
  • ODo7qK0HYmTARQBXPIeSd52yxlEzub
  • tYO3lKZJgfbBqu1RwEGQcdprC2nkxo
  • AcsrMOfugH5oCbx2tP3Wkl8EBJG7FR
  • OCDwTs4bXmo3rvJVGu1dI892hjlRnx
  • UlXDYsKuqCLbdWTHnzOJ2Av8mNfR5M
  • VGI12D4TQlaNgRYHv0zucw8xWJrmSh
  • FzUjcZBKY8lL5xs0yvRJN2TXSmIVwu
  • fsOMDTiHV3mQehvdnzaw6Zq8luKgF1
  • DvktIdE027BJUhjKcM3eAWrzFHw51x

Each code can only be entered 312 times. So if Real Taxi Sim 2018 codes are not working, wait for our next update.

Act as a professional taxi driver, meet the people around you, go through the missions provided by the creators. Most passengers are waiting for your arrival and are ready to go with you to the right place. For the fact that you will take this or that person to the right place, you will receive a certain amount of money. The more money you earn and complete tasks, the more likely it is that you will be in the first places in the world ranking. Remember that passengers can never wait long. Try to get to the right place as soon as possible. Drive along the road known to you, go around various obstacles in the form of pits and ravines. Some paths will be very dangerous, so be extremely careful. If ready download Real Taxi Sim 2018 for androidthen immerse yourself in the passage of the prepared plot.

Key Features of Real Taxi Sim 2018

The game has got high-quality graphics, with which nothing else needs to be done. She really turned out to be cool. Most of the cars are transferred from our real life, so they will be very realistic. Communicate with the clients you transport. Observe surrounding problems by changing the camera. You can look at the world from different angles. Different types of cars make it possible to get to the right place or as quickly as possible, or take more people. with you on a trip. In general, everything here is thought out really cool. We advise you to download Real Taxi Sim 2018 for Android and plunge into work with your head. Ride as a taxi driver, explore the city and show people the area.

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