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NameReactor – energy tycoon
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Reactor – energy tycoon is an exciting clicker game where players can try themselves in the role of very large industrialists and earn a fortune on this. Just improve the performance of your company and wait for the moment when the profit will flow like a river.

Cheat Codes List

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  • qFVrgPc7DmLZpbAS01Ua4XMe3BIuwO
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What is Reactor – energy tycoon?

Stop sitting idle when you can try to become an industrial magnate and create your own company for the production and supply of the energy reserve of the city grid. In such a structure, your profits can grow several times, and you will become a millionaire. Players from Reactor – Energy Tycoon just need to click on the screen to expand their own production and monitor the economic situation. Come up with your efficient and effective strategy in order to get as much money as possible for such extensive work. Build a lot of power plants around the world and watch how they generate energy reserves. This is how any business in the Reactor – Energy Tycoon will develop and players will be able to receive a lot of money. In addition, to get rich, you just need to click on the touch screen of your mobile, and get more and more profit every day.

Reactor – energy tycoon with simple clicks

Players do not have to spend whole days behind a mobile screen, it is enough to earn enough money to expand and then your power plants will work in a fully automated mode and will only have to visit games and take profits. Each participant of the Reactor – energy tycoon can create his own huge empire and put a plant on a dozen islands. They will improve every day, and bring even more money. The secret of the game’s popularity is that it can be played anywhere, thanks to the lack of Internet connection requirements.

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