NamePlant Vs Zombie
UpdateApril 28, 2022
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Download Game Plant Vs Zombie how to plant trees to kill zombies is so familiar to young people today. You must both fight and protect your home and garden. The ferocious monsters they are attacking are full of danger. Use your arsenal that they are 49 different crops, seeds, and fruits for you to defend against dangers. Those challenges will increase over time as you participate.

Cheat Codes List

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  • eHzUiavKIn1ChVs9WPXctANry6DJBY
  • H7lWQL5hjP6Aqd03IeaurZTxCMXsiz
  • WiuKtk9UV2reLbfExRA7yDgnXpa18B
  • vT6PiaBIDCtd3cyk9GJSzNeLY4gFOl

What is Plant Vs Zombie?

That exciting experience will surely bring you new entertainment pleasures. Build your own battle formation and attack the zombies. Quickly download the game for free to experience this fascinating battle.

  • 49 types of shooting crops that deal great damage.
  • Diverse maps to play from garden, swimming pool to roof.
  • Dangerous zombie zombies attack the house.
  • Duty to protect your home and garden.
  • Beautiful graphics and lively sound.
  • Plant gerbera for extra cost.

Simple and easy strategy game gameplay for all ages. You just need to arrange the battle formation of shooting plants and destroy zombie monsters. The zombies will attack in waves and towards the end of the level, they will attack harder. Everyone’s task is to quickly collect money from sunflowers. Unlock more high-damage shooting plants to plant them and take down dangerous hordes of zombies.

Battle with over 11 crazy and exciting map worlds. You will get a very special experience in each of those levels. Later, the difficulty of the game increases, so come up with your own battle tactics. Place extra large potatoes to prevent zombie footsteps. In addition, explosive hot peppers are also bombs that help you defeat them immediately. Continuously grow sunflowers and collect coins to unlock different types of shooting plants. Ice plants slow movement and fire plants burn zombies.

With more than 300 levels and many different challenges that you will have to overcome. Challenges are always fun for you to experience every day. Be the guardian of your home to become the safest and most peaceful!

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