NamePirates Outlaws
SizeApril 1, 2022
UpdateApril 28, 2022
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Today we will introduce to you the pirate-style card game. Pirates Outlaws Mod unlimited money will help you get interesting experiences. Unique tactical card game for pirate wars. Surely you guys here are very eager to experience it, right? So what are you waiting for without quickly downloading the full money mod game according to the download link shared below.

Cheat Codes List

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  • i6cKEU71yom4Hz0tSjaDOkAx29nLQF
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What is Pirates Outlaws?

You will have a blue ocean adventure with mythical pirate characters. Become the manager and the pirate king will be you. Conquer every challenge ahead for you to win rewards and treasures. Everything is waiting for you ahead, let’s do it now.

The world of pirates is opened and treasures are hidden on the islands. You manage an army of your pirates to fight against many enemies. The battles are very fierce, so destroy all your opponents and enemies. Become the richest and most powerful pirate in the world of Pirates Outlaws.

The hero cards correspond to the attributes of each pirate. You will be building your own battle squad. Combine the attributes of each champion card together to get the most powerful pirate squad. Use your warship to navigate the sea and explore each island. With this mod full of gold coins, you will be able to unlock, upgrade items, equipment, general cards, battleships.

Features in the game Pirates Outlaws

  • Collect pirate cards for more variety.
  • Build a fleet of warships for your pirates to be more powerful.
  • Explore and experience mysterious islands in the ocean.
  • With lots of treasures and great rewards you get.
  • 58 cards and 17 relics for you to collect every day.
  • 26 enemies and 10 unique bosses for you to defeat.
  • Diverse missions and 10 skins to unlock.

Featuring over 100 outlaws and defeating over 50 unique bosses. The battle card system of the pirates will have to perform the task. Destroy all enemies and the ultimate boss bosses. Then you will collect treasures, gold coins, items, resources. Manage your arsenal of weapons and ammunition to deal enough damage and destroy enemies. Build a pirate squad to fight with 15 cards that you can create.

Pirates Outlaws apk mod full gold coins

The game consists of 6 different chapters with 510 cards collected you can achieve 150 different achievements. The map is already there with lots of challenges and battles created. Discover the mysteries of the islands and seas.

Choose a certain hero for yourself and overcome the challenges you will get new cards. The game has a simple gameplay but very attractive. Come up with a smart strategy to defeat all of your opponents. Defeat all enemies in every mode and you will become a mighty pirate. Pirates Outlaws Mod has a fighting style. Every gamer can fight and build his pirate squad.

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