UpdateApril 28, 2022
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Participate in the exciting new launch event of Mu Awaken VNG with more than 999 Vip Codes to be distributed. The game was developed by a famous Chinese game publisher based on previous versions. You will have a surprising experience with new and unique features, sound and quality graphics.

Cheat Codes List

  • aCWBdIhEfiGScUF46M0J51b3rRLTDv
  • osURuqEgOJ781WxCXP4B92Syj5rhHt
  • LkJRgbYv27a8zXS06C5Ap1NrumIhtF
  • Nct106sSn8ITpdYk7g5rAbhVEXJmew
  • A8pQteC32rYULfnljFZEVHiT7D1GWs
  • VubsQ4tkBUeOP58GcM93HKSqFATDRn
  • oQ304HjAdEvnxlsFNP9u5hkbygD6aY
  • Jx918BVdwHMTW3N04pgo2kXy5ESlim
  • L1S4XyWiHFR8eqxtkGrM52IbpCEDZB
  • vKgMTbJB9xoSCLp3516W0w8VqykOQY

What is Code MU AWAKEN VNG?

A MU world with ever-expanding fame takes you to a world-class adventure. With the development, the game can not only be played on PC, but now even on your mobile, you can participate.

Players will be extremely startled and surprised when the graphic design as well as the mysterious ancient Gypsy scenes. Along with that is the innovation in gameplay and activities such as: Moba, Survival, Antagonism, .. for the first time in the MU continent . Engaging in every detail and bringing gamers to a vast map experience.

Along with a variety of weapon equipment for each gamer to choose the same as the puzzle are the costumes highlighted by the outfits. Beautiful items, equipment, weapons, .. with features to increase the fighting power of the character. True to the words of today’s gamers, you don’t need to be strong, you just need to be handsome. Each spirit possesses unique features and special auxiliary skills that increase the player’s strength.

To get the free codes is too simple when you just need to follow the very specific instructions below that we help.

Receive Code Mu awaken Vng October


Quantity: 832

Deadline: Still


Quantity: 392

Deadline: Still


Quantity: 893

Deadline: Still


Quantity: 383

Deadline: Still


Quantity: 732

Deadline: Still

Activities are divided equally over time for gamers to participate according to their interests. In the morning, you will have a great PK battle to satisfy your opponent’s eyes. In the afternoon, you can fight inter-server with millions of other gamers to quickly level up and get terrible equipment. In addition, people can also hunt bosses and other interesting activities in the guild.

When you collect and complete your tasks, you will receive super-terrible, super-precious items. Bring equipment and items picked up to trade and exchange with each other to increase fighting power for everyone. Upgrade your character’s equipment to fight stronger in a vast and challenging map. The whole community of Mu Awaken Vng is racing together to get married so they can join together to climb the top tower.

You can also get a lot of great gifts from the wheel of fortune that you can get. Let’s join together and play the entertaining and classy game with new features and new missions that are constantly being updated. The pet system is quite diverse for gamers to choose for themselves in the hottest battles. Not only that, remember to join the official fan page to receive Code Mu Awaken Vng codes every month.

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