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Namemonster truck for kids
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monster truck for kids – especially for kids, racing on the most powerful off-road vehicles in history that will help them satisfy their own desire and go through a lot of tracks.

List of Gift Codes

  • T7uiX9fUEDS8dxhWZLr1IamFwqQ5kB
  • vm8kFt1ghcYKXVMlN6rsqWxRZ5nS2z
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  • cZbkfGvA68e43YwuHQLRKTO1yItSx0
  • 7R3I5honUN2wHET6XjCSugyFQDbkmJ
  • lmB1YSKLI9M3V6qbug4frHQR87P5Cn
  • Drw1lFZ52UaenPHq87oLSMkEKCuT64

monster truck for kids Gamplay

Not only adults like Monster Trucks, but also children. It was to satisfy their desire to drive these crazy trucks that this monster truck toy for children was created. Everyone will like it, because it is very exciting and allows you to ride on dozens of different tracks, with special difficulties and obstacles. So that the kids do not have difficulties, the management is made very simple. The SUV will not roll over and will not disturb the psyche. You just need to develop speed and try to get to the place faster. In addition, the child gets a chance to arrange competitions against other trucks and, having defeated them, will become the leader. In this way, it will be very fun and useful, because the baby will try to achieve the best results and understand the power of competition.

Game features

  • 15 different SUVs;
  • More than 40 original levels;
  • Very funny and beautiful children’s graphics;
  • High-quality animation and effects;
  • Nice accompanying music.

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