Monster Super League Codes 1.0.22042706

Admin - Last update April 29, 2022

NameMonster Super League
SizeVaries with device
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Monster Super League are exciting role-playing battles of the coolest monsters. Irok will be able to immerse himself in the most fantasy world for mobile and there will be a huge number of battles in magnificent arenas from all over the vibrant world.

List of Cheats (April 29, 2022)

  • KQ4uDVcOsxJMGCUeSEXr8THo0YzaL1
  • PRzdkCN1x8bUamqlWLSr2M9vAITuJE
  • TPrD19OMHEJV7ap2C6jlfxQN0Rqusw
  • 9XrUSPsFecDZz4jOEIAa5ugJ8wTmhi
  • AUvD6FP2n0NKCJYTsa8RLrxql5BSwW
  • o1lBafQTgSZXiGmuCvjIKRpJEHtAsk
  • gceq8X0o6jQrbxfnPT14BCSV52ULOW
  • A7C4QsWXwVbv1MKdBlxIHFu0f9hmro
  • M9qAXG1WRFshg3PaeNTSLxCZ7jOJcB
  • OztgAFTBiyPpqI162bKnrNuSw5Cxj8

Each code can only be entered 811 times. So if Monster Super League codes are not working, wait for our next update.

The player will have to start the most impressive and interesting monster battles. They live in this vast fantasy world and are constantly looking for new battles. The game world itself and its environment are made in very high quality graphics with an abundance of fantastic visual effects. Collect many different monsters all over this world, which are seriously different from each other. After that, bright and impressive battles between them will begin in the Monster Super League. At the moment, this fantasy world is filled with more than five hundred different monsters who want to take part in the Super League. Find out about the presence of superpowers in each of these monsters, which must be used in battles in the arena. You may have orbs with exclusive types of monsters in your hands that your friends will not have. When you become a trainer in the Monster Super League, you will have to develop your monsters and evolve. In each new stage, they will acquire more and more skills and abilities that will help them seize the advantage even before the fights.

Large-scale monster battles Monster Super League

It is very interesting that there are five hundred different monsters in the game, and all of them seriously differ in appearance and superpowers. In addition, they need to use a unique strategy to get more benefits. Try to assemble the coolest team of monsters and push them to the world arenas to go through about a hundred amazing stages. The player from Monster Super League will have his own airship, which will be constantly filled with new types of monsters. This game will leave a lot of impressions on the players.

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