Merge Dragons! Cheat Codes 8.4.0

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NameMerge Dragons!
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In this puzzle you will find yourself in a fantasy world among dragons, monsters and other creatures. Try downloading Merge Dragons! On android and take on a huge number of goals and tasks that need to be completed. Think over a strategy and participate in a large number of tasks. Engage in the prosperity of Draconia and develop your monsters, as well as expand your territory. Heal new lands and populate them with Dragons. You can collect a huge number of eggs, plant a lot of vegetation and get treasures that will help in the development of creatures.

Cheat Codes List

  • B63yt5GVJsYpfcMEueQO7wZNTFIvCg
  • ydqjuKpi2Hn7skhCM9Veowlb4UZfEJ
  • emvobYcNDihaALz5tJT7GrQ1ufxZ3E
  • dqXcZ6jTKrRSMh1U9DasHeJ4yBkzQP
  • odO4M7xnIBgThtYGJmUqZp5Hj0Vrbw
  • WVSk9c0HREFGadr4wYL5DhMjmCbZNO
  • aU70WoI5SYCBdEVLxGXf92Fm3peOyn
  • yBZl0eKnGphvdA6CMobfVDF9c8xw7W
  • hOF3KcPsWg7fMSN1Qw8LaXtZmA6DEp
  • QFy4GJ7hZ3qzPEjnUgRst0xpfYD1Ab

Merge Dragons! Gamplay

If you can download Merge Dragons! On androidthen get these features from this puzzle:

  • Beautiful modern fantasy graphics in which the whole environment and atmosphere is created;
  • More than five hundred different unique items that you can use;
  • Brand new unique puzzle gameplay;
  • Urban planning and green island development;
  • Healing the land and territories of this world;
  • More than a hundred original levels with tricky tasks and goals;
  • Opportunities to open secret levels and additional.

Puzzle in the magical world

The player will need to go through a lot of tricky puzzles to get to the final goal. Explore new territories of the earth and enjoy mythical creatures. You will have to collect as many eggs as possible to complete this gameplay. Develop Dragons and build a large number of objects with different effects, but all of them will help you in development and evolution. Collect as many awards and achievements as possible and share them with your friends. In the egg you will receive a small dragon, but in the process it will develop and become even more powerful.

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