lovelive! school idol festival Cheat APK 9.6.3

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Namelovelive! school idol festival
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lovelive! school idol festival is the same mobile game that managed to become an incredibly powerful hit in Japan. After that, the developers decided to distribute it around the world and make it available to players from anywhere in the world. So it can even get to you.

Codes List (April 29, 2022)

  • SPWD4lEnvpksUV9g6MZKI7faFbHYte
  • dPUwpBnAlftvRzLDW0JQxeEsShgCbo
  • 6aonf4BsIlpV9SCjxGMctquvD23mXr
  • OGhpm3VNMyldIaPT05zX4YWLCxwA1f
  • xLe2pA3dFcWSQuroZt9NBE4z6IvbH8
  • w4VR27h016gXnYifdokFIzxHQprASq
  • lPRtGYOwiS46Ngsje5rvhB1kzp3nEa
  • NYcwtE3b6uCvFT4rQDAZIG5PLUXKjk
  • XKkS0olBOE9DLPHvycITbemGApja6V
  • wy6CfUhn1cB7vLZoiMxeuD2jJpG5sK

Each code can only be entered 230 times. So if lovelive! school idol festival codes are not working, wait for our next update.

Meet many of the best heroes in the world in these amazing adventures. Meet them and enjoy the exciting gameplay. Make a massive impact on the real stars from the school and help them complete absolutely any task. Only players from LoveLive! School idol festival will be able to help them fulfill all their cherished dreams and make them come true. The controls of this Japanese anime-style gameplay are very easy and simple, so that even beginners in this game genre can quickly get used to it. You need to try to help absolutely all the school stars and it will be just wonderful. Meet the first Japanese action game developed in Russian LoveLive! School idol festival and enjoy going through a huge number of levels. Most of all, girls will be delighted with this game, of course. Take control of a musical group and perform amazing musical compositions with one touch.

lovelive! School idol festival – Japanese hit in Russian

Right now, players will be able to open access to more than a hundred cool and simply wonderful music tracks. Create the most experienced team of performers and those who will play the instruments. In the creative game LoveLive! School idol festival will need not only to make music, but also to conduct rehearsals with training. Everyone should enjoy this exciting and interesting storyline with such an original atmosphere. Japanese artists were able to draw very beautifully in the style of anime and this will especially appeal to their fans.

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