NameLineage 2: Revolution
SizeVaries with device
UpdateApril 29, 2022
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The player may find himself in a vast fantasy world. If you download Lineage 2: Revolution for Android, you can become a member of a great story. The whole world is made in stunning graphics with vivid effects. The developers used the most modern engine. The global battles that take place here daily will attract the player for many hours of play. In one world, it will be possible to watch the battles of two hundred players at the same time in the multiplayer game mode. Join a clan or create your own. It will be possible to invite all your friends to it and arrange a massacre together. The game is worthy of the attention of millions of players due to its colorful scenario and unique game world. Discover new lands and conquer them after you can download Lineage 2: Revolution for android. Go through the dungeons, earning valuable rewards in them. You will be waiting for a variety of types of bosses. Participate in battles for your land and bring home trophies. You will be opposed by millions of players who also want to achieve power and fame. Try to confront them with honor and dignity. RPG with multiplayer mode will be full of amazing moments and possibilities. A huge number of different functions, millions of participants and amazing types of monsters will be one whole in this fantasy world.

Codes List

  • LW7BPEXYGRZajyNeIbCzFmrJtMcKix
  • EpHMeKjWAr0m2SJxfhXVcLkZQ9sa14
  • yKRmCYQ8cX3Tip96AL7ZrO4MWjqGNu
  • OGwaJs7VvlX5KMBUxRbHI04EruChyc
  • qW4jFoyAE9RfkXPL1r3cZH62mnQupN
  • jXoUZNYrDLza4xfVGnPgtRBvWkAIOs
  • pgR0rBWusj1naTVFNbH4chy2XJ7ZmE
  • 7XNkCdP6fmyTJpLqDlVKuH8UxhGwg5
  • H4js0dD9RaiXxJmzZutwnpP5leGA1g
  • QqkXp7e984JUFauIwciCvN1Gmz62YS

Fantastic RPG

The player will be able to participate in 50×50 battles on the same site. These fights are truly breathtaking. Start the siege of the enemy’s fortress and capture all his resources. Graphics made in high quality will give a sense of realism and will be able to immerse the player in this atmosphere. Explore many places on the global map, discover new opportunities and gain fame. A huge system of guilds allows you to build an entire empire of heroes and warriors. Together, it will be easy to deal with huge Bosses and win raids.

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