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NameLien Quan Mobile
SizeVaries with device
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Mobile Union with beautiful gameplay style and vivid 3d graphics are very monumental at the map play map and super terrible monsters for gamers to experience full of character. Over 100 million gamers around the world let you team up together to fight in countless battles claiming 5vs5, 3vs3, 1vs1 as you like. Playing the game with top-notch MOBA-style multimedia that makes today’s young people passionate, and immersed in daily participation to quickly assert their position on the rankings of the players.

Cheat Codes List

  • ZmpgaPlXD8253RIYV1KWqLvFuH4f7S
  • oBV48ICtSs3QgY0ynbFmxwAlku1HGR
  • SD4fws9NJq8n6miIZuC2B031lLTvE5
  • ASpo7fe2OvXWCsUNqbrVxIMFZw8E6d
  • 1Yp4zwbvZTKV7oUdBtxFlsjng0MNW6
  • G8ZVPYDKnbEtXMRuBzoI9mwfqOgFpd
  • OvDe7yW2aVB1RkKp3bUS45JQYw8nIq
  • RLvZ7N6kCaI9wenfrJcTpjmoWsluXO
  • pEZ76qFJiYWKndmDlPrVfgcUueoj3t
  • xeYEUDTBjtOsiwgXV2WuFdv3NZQMpo

What is Lien Quan Mobile?

  • Compete in the maps to play continuously so that you know your level as well as restore the peak to reach the master.
  • Fight ranked or casual as you like every day with teammates at different servers both domestically and abroad so that gamers can accumulate a lot of experience and the ability to coordinate well.
  • Destroy monsters and opponents in battles to get the most dynamic gold and quickly upgrade to the appropriate item for each champion such as dame, tank, spell, half tank and half magic, magic damage, physical damage, or full attack speed, .. it depends on your ability and fighting skills with your opponent.
  • Download the alliance game and discover a diverse number of generals as well as super rare and precious costumes that will be awarded or unlocked by you.
  • Play anytime, anywhere for completely free with simple operations as well as the game League of Legends is too familiar to gamers today.
  • Chat and communicate with each other very easy and simple for you to come up with tactics in each map to play rank and compete in the rankings.
  • This unique legendary MOBA game is waiting for you to buy the gem board and update it continuously according to the new version to bring the appropriate combat ability for each champion.

Give your characters a real and catchy name and get started on each enticing custom combat that enthralls you in your spare time wherever you are. promises to bring everyone free entertainment games that are completely updated and constantly renewed with features that bring new winds of entertainment and create new inspirations to avoid boredom for you.

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