LEGO® Friends: Heartlake Rush Cheat APK 1.8.1

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NameLEGO® Friends: Heartlake Rush
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LEGO Friends: Heartlake Rush is an exciting builder-style game world where players can participate in a very fun runner. Enjoy rides and endless running through various streets.

List of Cheats (May 19, 2022)

  • El1GzwtjbcCSURZ9Y4nQ6xdmf8XDVq
  • gj03KQAdyvJZweOsF2DIU4PxYqna1H
  • LEPXbGSunsWm7wo2eJq4filOMDkBha
  • tMrY5SxQIRcT2wJogmNDubOvGHzFLB
  • K04SbpDW1L9VFkITYt3qoQdfPBzJZ2
  • e0v5zcLUJOHdF9KEkAmpGMYC16DVQ8
  • zI31XOwAi26Wbfcre9k4sHpjhduLaP
  • rupN2KeYySFIkQ4TxqWO0aCAzBEJmU
  • 03nMdXg4ljA5qcGwCHYEruLp9z6BVe
  • GYEMCOW0gBnQXiJIjphoTkxdsue6yD

Each code can only be entered 921 times. So if LEGO® Friends: Heartlake Rush codes are not working, wait for our next update.

Right now the player will be able to become a member of this fun racing process. It is very difficult to break away from such games and you will definitely enjoy every day. Naturally, the gameplay of LEGO Friends: Heartlake Rush will appeal primarily to children, because they love constructors. Get behind the wheel of a Lego car and start riding on a variety of tracks. Learn to do a lot of different things. Jump, gain maximum speed and go through more than six dozen different levels until you get to the very end. Heartlake is a very interesting and funny city where children can enjoy life. You’ll have to complete all the levels in LEGO Friends: Heartlake Rush to earn real rewards and collect all the fun friends from this toy together. Along the way, be sure to collect as many coins as possible, because at their expense you can improve your own vehicle and go through these exciting adventures.

Girls will love playing LEGO Friends: Heartlake Rush

Complete a huge number of missions and earn as many rewards and coins as possible. You will be constantly chased, so you need to leave fast enough so that the enemy will never catch up with you. Collect more than a dozen different cars in the garage and earn enough money so that you have enough to become really the best. About ten different girlfriends from the constructor will be available to players who will use them and will be able to even change outfits. This will be the most fun runner for kids and it is extremely difficult to break away from it, especially for girls.

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