Last Island of Survival Codes 4.1

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NameLast Island of Survival
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Last Day Rules: Survival is a sandbox about survival in a vast world of interaction. Survive in the wilderness and use the most powerful weapons. Collect materials and weapons that will help you solve all the problems with the enemy leaders. In the process, each of the players will feel hungry and thirsty, which will need to be replenished. Otherwise, your hero may die. In addition to opponents in Last Day Rules: Survival, users will be threatened by other enemies, such as wild animals that live in local forests. Get ready for the fact that in this survival you will definitely need to connect to the internet and fight with other users. Many different weapons are available to collect in the arsenal. Travel through a completely open world of action and look for new ways to survive. Take part in fights with groups or survive all alone. This action is not just a shooter, it is the largest sandbox in this style.

How to Redeem Code (May 1, 2022)

  • ULWNHVyYoKMpg970jeF2htSxncOBER
  • pqvyfrowxCgjEzJPXkl20BQ158YtZL
  • AhXJUxHFEDufTM3R4p6sQ7qzdm2OBa
  • teQuXz4IbR3iGsPConxhDBMwSj1fYV
  • HGjw6Sd43ZvkRmB5c9TbWgQzDqIaAu
  • QAWenrugx317HvGNTY4wVL5EFXdIJc
  • vBAc2m4dloQOruxYqJsga0XhDN79K1
  • qvYNlQ4j0hVnMoezu3ETcRmZGa2915
  • vC06bfB8XDiMaqzsOQZWGFxSl4E9te
  • zWS7e2digN4Cvso5DyubQ0MXBrFRx8

Each code can only be entered 202 times. So if Last Island of Survival codes are not working, wait for our next update.

Features of Last Day Rules: Survival

  • Huge world map with deserts and islands;
  • Tense atmosphere of survival;
  • Shooting games and battles with enemies of various calibers;
  • Sandbox with elements of building your own world;
  • Only the last hero can survive.

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