NameLast Day on Earth: Survival
SizeVaries with device
UpdateApril 29, 2022
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Last Day on Earth: Survival is an exciting multiplayer game where you will confront bloodthirsty zombies. Here you need to make decisions immediately, otherwise there is a risk of being eaten by a crowd of the walking dead. The main character has good survival skills in the world after the apocalypse, so you should use them more often. The destruction of hordes of zombies, in addition to fun entertainment, is also a very profitable business, for which you will receive special bonuses. Exchange these bonuses for new abilities and skills of the main character.
In Last Day on Earth: Survival, danger will be waiting for you at every corner. Here you should not trust anyone, because in this terrible world the boundaries of morality have long faded, and everyone is fighting only for himself. Chat with your friends and try to survive at any cost together. It is best to fend off the dead from a distance – in melee they are too strong and will quickly overwhelm you with numbers. Try not to stay in open areas where you will be easy prey for angry zombies.
Game Features:

How to Redeem Code

  • 3lOWuxZRDFYihX8IfoqraUB9EcNpeQ
  • cwZbuaWJ94HLEx1iQRj6nP8Sk3UIef
  • IS5BbcJgyqd4h9OtHDk0YnZ2oFmaMj
  • fwZAP8umRrdCbLoBkEFJ3U6Meaqxp4
  • m9QD5HJ83qbzaC1sS72VdwAor4nxcv
  • WcZx1mCnKJv07ieEH2P3AI8pstDy56
  • EsX3YnWqJROxhvuT2BM54VbiycFza0
  • xlGjnmLyt0EuqoHUr4eQ75vMKVd8JR
  • wRq2fP4GyKgtU6VecbrQnE17NCmFLd
  • apxoF3LudVZyUJmE1ItKj4OGq2Cn9X
  • vast game world;
  • numerous types of opponents;
  • dynamic gameplay;
  • unique atmosphere;
  • a bunch of hungry zombies.

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