NameLadybug and Super Cat: The Official Game
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An original and exciting runner in which you can meet the characters from the cartoon. To do this, you need to download Lady Bug and Super Cat: The official game for android and you can enjoy the beautiful atmosphere and this runner for a long time. You will have original goals to save Paris along with these well-known heroes. It will be a lot of fun and most importantly interesting to participate in such adventures. The capital of France can collapse at any moment, and you must throw everything you have to save it and unlock a bunch of new achievements. Gather a full team of heroes to plunge into this world created on the basis of the animated series.

List of Gift Codes (April 30, 2022)

  • jMKTQ2rGEYizJ8x1qX7SuoLlnOAWcV
  • Pf9Qx6TIYosXjumc8204AidpMW3Ftg
  • d6cHgrmehyjzS2lRKbMJkLUGDso9VP
  • dzuD5J0l4WHyfVe1ISvYnXtqcPxO8i
  • OCkKnecfbIsZQ0UdThP3GR5tzuoyHi
  • qUS1O7aoxekQphKiIv2Fm4Cj936fWu
  • 0L8GEZzDHnTyvrFsqKuxhiPUfRcAQ5
  • hgtN0u62LfGm9ckO3XpnS8i4vWlHBI
  • AcZngFG3aQREbdYql4SOItLwMHWm9p
  • rZqPLBNwO5mMulpgGta71QeHhbSXzA

Each code can only be entered 970 times. So if Ladybug and Super Cat: The Official Game codes are not working, wait for our next update.

If a download Ladybug and Super Cat: The official game for android the following functions will become available:

  • Gorgeous 3D graphics created in the style of the original cartoon;
  • Many interesting and beautiful locations of this chic city;
  • A large number of different characters of this favorite animated series;
  • A wide variety of items and bonuses that can be used to speed up your game hero;
  • A huge number of amazing obstacles that you can get around to score points;
  • Plot tasks and features of the original world.

Cartoon style runner

Paris is waiting for you to save it, and for this you will have to collect the most original characters from the official animated series. Jump over a large number of obstacles and increase your running speed. There are a lot of different features on these streets of the capital, solving problems with which you can gain respect. Collect an incredible amount of bonus items and progress through the exciting missions of this cool runner. Find the main supervillain Mothman and try to solve problems with him. Ahead is a huge number of dangers and important things that need to be done in order to save this city.

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