NameKingdom Rush Frontiers
SizeJanuary 5, 2022
UpdateApril 28, 2022
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What is Kingdom Rush Frontiers?

This is a unique defense strategy game that you will feel when playing the game. Unique new features are updated every day. Your mission is to become the hero fighting to destroy the enemies and the invading demons. The game is supported for android phones, even with low configuration, still plays very smoothly.

Kingdom Rush Frontiers Game Features

Defend exotic lands from attack from enemies outside. Dragons, man-eating plants, people from the underworld they are your enemies. In the game map they will stand in any position and attack you and the villages. Let’s become brave knight heroes fighting hard to complete the mission. With flashy beautiful towers and heroes you can crush your enemies.

Tight defense and lightning attack for you to easily destroy the villain. Build a battle formation and strong defenses against the attack of the enemy. In many different situations you will have to come up with reasonable tactics. Fight fiercely every day and keep the villages safe.

Outstanding Features

  • With 16 orthodox heroes. Players can choose several heroes and practice their fighting skills. Each hero has their own unique fighting skills.
  • Over 40 Enemies with unique abilities. On your toes battle with worms smothering tribal mage, nomadic tribesmen and underground terrorists.
  • With 80 achievements of army hours. People will be fascinated by easter eggs and achievements.
  • Massive iron and heroic game modes to challenge your fighting spirit.
  • Diverse map play for everyone to join and experience each defensive battle.

The game has a magical setting, ancient heroes for tight defense. When dragons fly in the sky to attack the village, you will have to build a squad of archers – brave knights to defend the kingdom. The more modern armies and castles are, the easier it is for you to destroy enemies and defend. Evolve your kingdom building to the next level so that you become a talented manager that no enemy can defeat.

The battle towers will prevent the enemy from getting through your gate. When feeling low that the battle towers are not strong enough to defend, people can add troops at any position they want. At that time, you will easily repel the enemy’s advance and defend closely against the stormy attack.

Kingdom Rush Frontiers Mod Diamond

To do that, please hack kingdom rush frontiers to get full gold and diamonds. At this point, you will easily upgrade equipment, weapons as well as build battle towers. Unlock new modern weapons and upgrade modern features. At that time you will have a powerful army and battle tower. Your kingdom will be expanding and developing powerfully every day.

The version has been completely updated. Players just need to download the file we shared below to be able to mod unlimited money and diamonds. The game is supported for android phones even with low configuration can be played.

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