NameJurassic Survival Island: Dinosaurs & Craft
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Jurassic Survival Island: Dinosaurs & Craft is a difficult but exciting survival in the world of the Jurassic Period, where the player will be surrounded by dinosaurs. Every moment the hero will be in danger.

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  • dosULQPMW8Bu2J3IgE1w4zSAG90xhZ
  • VGjXznpDyA5i6uYtr7qMSFgJfxLKH0
  • FsANJ8mrLgcSM2hpVOwyRYICef5iPl
  • bp4SILg2WjreXsMiRhnHCoYzD3lc7K
  • 9dYnILPc2Jo8N5ebztFHQ0XVkpuTZU
  • 8strKZOCuY6vDThIcXqiJ9EPAdR3BF
  • 9ZeB7vNdDFGX825LtmOfEploiQxz0V
  • bQVwKa6GmN0ovhjX8SWnCBlk7H923P
  • wP07W3QSolfreXVsiNq6LkcEdBymTY
  • HBW9ifDuo5tcIdYgPbx8eLAqkVpS3U

It’s time to repeat the Jurassic times right now and it will take place right on the screen of your mobile. Now you will expect an incredible number of different dangers and cruelty of the world. Once in Jurassic Survival Island: Dinosaurs & Craft on a large but mysterious island, get ready to survive every day. You will have to survive alone, and do not even expect someone to come to help you. In this amazingly virtual world, there are a huge number of wild Dinosaurs and ferocious animals. They will all hunt you, so be careful. Don’t be fooled by the appearance of the Dinosaur, which seems so cute, because you will soon see how ferocious he can be. The player from Jurassic Survival Island: Dinosaurs & Craft will find himself in a very large jungle, and here every corner is fraught with a global threat and danger. Try not to fall into the teeth of a Tyrannosaurus rex or under the claws of a saber-toothed tiger.

Jurassic Survival Island: Dinosaurs & Craft – Jurassic Survival

The player will need to stock up on valuable resources and materials in order to use crafting to create powerful weapons and additional equipment to protect against animals. Build yourself a house in which the bloodthirsty Dinosaurs will definitely not get you. After that, you can afford to hunt these animals in Jurassic Survival Island: Dinosaurs & Craft and extract valuable skins from them, as well as fresh meat. All this is just part of the life of a survivor. You may even be able to get your own pet dinosaur to ride through the expanses of the jungle. Then he will be a great helper even in battle with new predators. Everything in this game is done in 3D realistic graphics.

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