UpdateMay 18, 2022
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Idle Skies is a clicker with hundreds of planes, aircraft and spaceships. This is an opportunity to study the history of each apparatus and enlighten in the process. Separately, you need to deal with the economy.

How to Redeem Code (May 18, 2022)

  • ceT3PSBHZFpJY51Xv9QtKWjilsqkDn
  • CJausf527tHRym4rvj8IgbqMXAzZhw
  • 2Q0KtzgWXc51ZAm6krsBCSiLMUPDqI
  • BtnOlaY3Hybis7dP9xre8DqLJXV4oQ
  • 8WkRrhBsHoptVTXm4fyxabMLSj9JPD
  • qGkHNZKWfOczCnIi3FuSbagAJLpyvo
  • MWlnwTSFXmJspBP8f64zHAgEOer3t9
  • o9wUD6I8rqmNYOgpa5PR3ihKVMjkld
  • OHKenWp3qkVSDsM0G8cwrREtLNAm2b
  • JavM76D0IAVoNjzE98hst1l4ZRXLUT

Each code can only be entered 149 times. So if Idle Skies codes are not working, wait for our next update.

Learn about the large-scale and very informative history of all aircraft, study them and move forward in the process of the era. Start with very old times and airplanes, and then you will go through the whole centuries and get to the future. The game’s convenient mechanics allows you to unlock funds that few people know about, because they are the real wonders of the world. Thus, in Idle Skies, you can fully satisfy yourself and your own curiosity. No tension, just interest and clicker fun. The world of aviation is really big and full of discoveries. Each aircraft has a note with characteristics and history of creation.

Game Features

  • Easy to use gameplay;
  • Easy control with ordinary clicks;
  • A huge number of aircraft and space vehicles;
  • Specialized improvements;
  • Six civilizations;
  • Economy system;
  • Stunning 3D graphics;
  • Achievement race.

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