NameHospital Dash Tycoon Simulator
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Hospital Dash Simulator are exciting stories and exciting gameplay in which you can become a real life saver. Help the nurse and her work in the clinic to cure a lot of patients.

List of Cheats (May 1, 2022)

  • JbaDLOnc3fp5KQejXuCIEP870mr4WM
  • OvXlNEI0ypzuYj7Sw8aP1h63emDG4H
  • hE0zN5iq8nBTVH6UGcfMC2oWtbSjZx
  • n8wx1lgWk5roPIJte0FcNvXT3qpV2R
  • jAmRJcvT5FsbWQBDl3rnfxpoYhtP6S
  • HPSlBUELQVvXqRCeOnfy6uKJYoNz3i
  • vFkytHj05ZmI37Y2XRopxPUDNgsBdf
  • 8pqvjEBHbrWaXRDyPzU50FM74xoQKO
  • tARqoHZeJP3gpxINcr5UvlKXWk4BS7
  • QfvCgP80SdqmIjLoJ9RnHUiZWacpNy

Each code can only be entered 142 times. So if Hospital Dash Tycoon Simulator codes are not working, wait for our next update.

A huge number of patients will need help, and you will have to provide it. Immerse yourself in the story of the original company right now and move through a lot of levels. You will have to learn how to use a wide variety of tools and devices that help in diseases. Heal everyone and enjoy colorful graphics and action-packed stories. The girls will be thrilled to play as a nurse who will soon level up and become the best in town. Hundreds of levels in Hospital Dash – simulator will let you get acquainted with the basic methods of treatment. Upgrade equipment and complete additional tasks. The fate of local residents will now depend only on your actions.

Features of Hospital Dash Simulator

  • A huge number of patients with their stories;
  • A wide variety of diseases and problems;
  • Dozens of kinds of treatment methods;
  • Additional mini games with fun;
  • Realistic medical equipment that will enhance performance;
  • Original story company.

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