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NameHide n’ Seek : Mini Game
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Hide n’ Seek : Mini Game is an exciting pixel art game that has become available on mobile platforms. Here, players from all over the world will be able to play exciting hide and seek and enjoy this game.

List of Gift Codes (April 29, 2022)

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In this exciting multiplayer game, you can hide in a shelter while other players try to find you. Choose any role that you are more interested in and enjoy it. Seek or hide there is no limit to the choice of players Hide N Seek : Mini Game. As soon as your company is completely filled, the system will automatically begin to choose who will be the first seeker, and the rest will need to hide as best as possible. Then the seeker will have to explore the vast expanse of the dungeon and find each of the players, which will be quite difficult. The multiplayer of this pixel hide and seek is played by a maximum of twenty-four players from all over the world and each of the Hide N Seek : Mini Game can arrange a competition. you can even call friends here to travel together and participate in hide and seek. The game world is made in high quality pixel art and with a wide variety of effects.

Pixel world of hide and seek online in Hide N Seek : Mini Game

Use very simple controls and move through hundreds of levels. Everyone will be able to enjoy such beautiful and great graphics. You just need to move around the locations and attack your opponents, who will be hiding. From anywhere in the vast world, you can turn on the multiplayer mode and start going through these online adventures. In the world of Hide N Seek: Mini Game, the dungeon in which your games will take place looks very bright and intense. each of the available locations is very high quality and thought out in detail. It will be possible to customize the skins of your playable character to make it look different from the rest.

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