NameShadow Fight Arena
UpdateApril 28, 2022
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Hack Shadow Fight Arena is a fighting game that we will introduce to you today. This is a famous game released with the same name as the manufacturer. Now everyone can choose and download the game to their devices to enjoy. Play an excellent role in the brave and fearless black hero. Fight to destroy enemies and monsters in the game map.

Cheat Codes List

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What is Shadow Fight Arena?

Familiar and easy gameplay for mainstream role-playing gamers. Cultivate super martial arts for you to overcome all challenging levels. We have updated the download link and play the game for free right on the phone. Let’s read and share the article to learn about this game!

NEKKI created this Shadow Fight Arena game. Not only that with the graphics, gameplay, and role-playing games are the same as the previous games such as: Shadow Fight 2, Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition, Vector, .. Players will easily get used to and perform when playing. experienced these games. Compete against friends or against any opponent worldwide.

Collect general cards and you will be able to build a battle squad. With a maximum of 3 generals in a squad for you to arrange. Each hero has different combat attributes for you to combine strength with. All warriors can be upgraded and interacted with. Favorite heroes from the universe are now chosen by you to play.

Choose warriors that counter and easily defeat your opponent and you win. Attractive real-time PvP fighting game for young people. Diverse heroic warriors for you to choose from. Some legendary warriors like: Ltu, Marcus, June, Kibo and many more. Fight to defeat your opponents to get EXP level up, equipment, new warrior cards,.. Unlock all new warrior cards for you to have more new attributes.

Cool combo skill battles against your opponents. Let’s increase health and mana to give battle squad more strength. Impressive graphics create extremely cool characters with beautiful combat skills. Fight PvP racing to the top of the leaderboard for you to get the highest ranking. Fight against every opponent on your Android phone. Map play is extremely diverse for you to experience anytime, anywhere.

Play the game with extremely high quality eye combos. This is a very good fighting game that requires players to have fighting skills. Your tactical intelligence will defeat all opponents in each level. You can also choose the support download link right below easily. Please share the article to everyone so that they can fight together and have fun.

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