NameHeroes Strike Offline
UpdateApril 28, 2022
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Heroes Strike Offline is a very special general survival shooting game. The game has a very special gameplay and has just been released, but has attracted millions of young people. This preference was developed and implemented by WolfFun this summer. With this attraction we have updated the full money hack heroes strike offline. Now young people can participate in an attractive free family discharge.

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What is Heroes Strike Offline?

Pushing up the passion of playing is crushing with extremely vivid character images. How to create super cute quality with the gas shooting game. Surely this will be an entertainment playground for gamers during the summer vacation this year. Those of you who want to download this Heroes Strike Offline full money for free, please update the link below at the end of the article!

Game Heroes Strike Offline – Moba Và Battle Royale

A Moba that captivated young people this year was released. Join the super classic survival gunplay right on the phone. The game is supported for Android and IOS operating systems completely free and has been updated. Is an Offline 3vs3 gun battle game that you only need to take 10s to join and 4 minutes to finish. The match took place very hot and attractive to players. You can easily adjust your champion skills and dominate the battle.

The variety of gameplay as well as the map will help you enjoy unconditionally. Unprecedented quality Full 3D graphics. The modern 3v3 war is fast, but there is no shortage of drama and fun. Diverse separate hero classes for you to unlock and unleash creativity in the gun battle. In order to survive as long as possible and to the end, you need to be agile and smart to defeat your opponent. With many great equipment for character classes for you to upgrade your strength. The formation increases in strength steadily and you will win.

Heroes Strike Offline Game Features

  • 3vs3 moba high-class survival gunfight.
  • Customize 2/3 champion skills.
  • 9 arenas corresponding to 9 ranks from practice to challenge. Each arena is a different map to play.
  • Play server with foreigners without lag.
  • Various champions and events are updated weekly.
  • Victory or defeat depends on skills, so give the appropriate skills to each champion.
  • Tower-breaking game mode (Coming soon).
  • The game is easy to control and 100% Vietnameseized.

The skills will be equipped for any of your champions. That’s why you should learn all the great skills to upgrade the standard for the character. Then you will build a strong fighting squad and overcome the opponent. With different skills as well as a way to create a different shape, Heroes strike offline is bringing innovation.

The game with 9 arenas corresponding to 9 ranks for you to participate in. You can choose to practice or challenge when coming to the fiery arena. Shoot the gas gun and fight hard for victory and rewards. Each arena is a completely new map for you to have new memorable experiences.

Information Heroes Strike Offline

  • Support for models with Android 4.0 and above operating system.
  • The capacity of only 94MB is very light and feels good, isn’t it.
  • When mod you can use gold coins and diamonds to discharge gas.
  • Google Play heroes strike offline.
  • Download the APK file shared below.

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