NameAmong Us
UpdateApril 28, 2022
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What is Among Us?

Now the special werewolf-like combat experiences have begun. With simple, gentle gameplay, not too picky. Smart moves, tactical combat combine skills you will win. Among Us is an attractive entertainment game that promises to captivate gamers this year. So what are you waiting for to download it for free and experience it passionately.

If you are a fan of boardgame games, you can’t miss Among Us. That attraction has been in the blood of people over the years. Now the same gameplay and the same role-playing but upgraded features. Surely the game Among US is even more attractive that everyone will find out. Continuous action with extremely special characters and maps.

The main features in the game Among US

  • Beautiful graphics make the most special astronauts.
  • Familiar gameplay like werewolves for you to have a new experience.
  • The new team battle feature creates a homogeneous combination.
  • Create a task group of 4 to 10 people.
  • Super big and super diverse missions for you to do.
  • The space play map is full of mysteries for you to enjoy and overcome.
  • Collect equipment, pet, items, .. in each new mission.

The game has a very high dynamic strategy, so everyone must know how to combine when fighting. In a space that needs to be shared by a group and teammates. There people will depart the spaceship and leave for space. However, there are enemies infiltrating your party and intending to destroy everything. Will you be able to overcome these trials and dangers?

Your astronaut squad will have from 4 to 10 players. Get rid of the impostors so that you can begin to set off on a mission spaceship. To win, you need to vote and immediately eliminate the fake and complete the excellent task. Fake people will cause chaos and make it easier for people to kill each other.

When you are killed, you can’t say who killed you, but you have to be silent until the end of the game. You are only allowed to say that during meetings and games, you have to be quiet. In addition, you can also hide and seek with Among Us very attractive. This is a high-risk strategy game and creates a lot of laughter for everyone..

The game does not need to have terrible graphics, but with a special gameplay that has attracted millions of players. A special adventure content and map for you to sit all day playing with your friends and relatives. Please read the article carefully so that you understand a bit about this gameplay! Now, please share the article widely so that everyone can hack Among Us together for Android phones.

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