Galaxy Control: 3D Strategy Codes 35.15.31

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NameGalaxy Control: 3D Strategy
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Galaxy Control: 3D Strategy is a multiplayer space war game set in a distant futuristic future. Here everyone will have to come up with a strategy, gather their army and fight against the legendary warriors.

Cheat Codes List

  • yasihjHEYfdrSlQDmKM7A2WL1FPvpe
  • vzmauUs867htR2BYliEgSZkwdeFcAy
  • F7wzjXQke6bYIxCcDNnKP1gZ5aBEm4
  • XYwBM9dzDjIefE17hGSRna4vJoPQsl
  • RSV1WupvwtUTz8lE0oGYh5e6rMjfHI
  • ISkdgAJx8N7mWs0TfUhELYlK13HZQe
  • h19zPnRj6Z2lW40tfEQxBiMIrLHGUJ
  • BvYDinrJjfILMAgWSC1ktodThR5HPe
  • kSXbzfw1yJNKTa5eAg9IYQUx2Dcqph
  • ztcf48h1nRg5ClPd9TkyXAvYIbQFSN

What is Galaxy Control: 3D Strategy?

The 3D graphics of this gameplay are unique in their own way and look amazing. Each of the warriors participating here will have their own unique characteristics. More than fifty different warriors will be available in Galaxy Control: 3D strategy to compete for power and capture new territories. Arrange a huge number of different structures and objects on your own base in order to carry out a successful defense against the active actions of your opponents. Ahead of the players will be waiting for about a hundred missions in a single company, as well as a multiplayer game mode for battles with players around the world. Every day take part in online battles with the best players in the universe and get even more rewards and achievements. Win new rewards and unlock new achievements. The entire gameplay of Galaxy Control: 3D strategy is made in completely Russian.

Galaxy Control: 3D strategy – futuristic war in space

Fans of space wars should be pleased to play this exciting adventure. Enjoy high quality 3D graphics and such a huge variety of features that will make your time in the game even more fun. Collect a lot of different resources, so that later you can use them to create material and enrich your military base. In Galaxy Control: 3D Strategy, millions of players participate daily in new battles and try to seize power over the whole world. Try to seize control of this universe and reach the end of the adventure in the story company.

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