Fresh Bar Baby Panda Cheat Codes

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NameFresh Bar Baby Panda
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Fresh Bar Baby Panda is a fun adventure for kids where they will meet the familiar character Panda. Here you will need to receive new visitors every day and quench their thirst with fresh and cool fresh juice.

Codes List

  • pHQBal7v1ujfETR2ZIDitP0bhXr63C
  • N6aFMUO74vIVRlyxcq01PKDfTQ95Xk
  • 0OMyEdk4o21nRlDtAQ7c6bZmxqvrSL
  • tZof7ViRBNGc0hbJnApqOx451P3XMe
  • jY9k2owe8T5vFSEP6VsD1mhCMRc0Jf
  • f5oBzHLAqEhFD3407GCsitZUJkKrmX
  • e5AGhH3dYFDnrqkBxZlj21LioXIs7P
  • NxMEjKgn6eIb4RoDfqCa3sy1PkUrBV
  • uySETQLdfRJqrknDWzVFN01xpsZivK
  • zy7osZrN2UegG5PSFxK1IX4utRmvac

Here, players will have very exciting and fun adventures where they will only have to deal with fruits and prepare delicious fresh drinks from them. Players from Baby Panda’s Fresh Bar will have access to a huge amount of ingredients and the freshest fruits. Combine a huge variety of flavors in Baby Panda’s Fresh Bar and produce juices as quickly as possible. They should please everyone who wants to quench their thirst. Strawberries with watermelon, bananas with oranges, it doesn’t matter, any ingredients are suitable for making the best fresh juices. Whenever you want to have fun, just visit your own bar and make brand new drinks in it. Try to serve them only chilled in the Baby Panda’s Fresh Bar. This kids game uses simple controls that will be fun and easy for kids. Mix and squeeze juice from different fruits. Let your imagination run wild to mix several different ingredients.

Fresh bar of Baby Panda and the opportunity to quench the thirst of animals

Beautiful 3D image graphics in the style of a children’s cartoon. It will be very pleasant to play in it, and enjoy such an atmosphere. Try mixing three of the same flavors at once for a delicious chilled mix. Both children and adults can try Baby Panda’s Fresh Bar and develop. Stock up on the latest equipment and tools to cook, squeeze, pour and blend. Pour the finished mix into bottles, which your visitors will definitely buy later. Have all the characters come together while tasting these juices.

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