NameCase Closed Runner: Race to the Truth
UpdateApril 28, 2022
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We will introduce to gamers the latest Detectivi Conan Runner Mod Full Money game. This is the most optimized version since the last update. It will definitely bring unforgettable experiences for players when accompanying the game. Just by hearing the name, you can immediately know what the game’s content revolves around. And that’s right, it’s nothing but the adventure stories of the little detective Conan. Perhaps young people are too familiar with these famous names. So now learn how to play Detective Conan Runner Mod.

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What is Case Closed Runner: Race to the Truth?

The first gameplay of Detective Conan Runner Mod is an obstacle course. You must be very familiar with this classic way of playing. But the highlight here is the combination with the plot and game graphics. It must be said that not a single game has possessed both of these impressive features. The way to play just need to touch the screen to bring friendliness to Vietnamese gamers.

Coming to Detective Conan Runner Mod you have a lot of options in solving crimes. But you should try to experience new things in challenging and difficult tasks. Any case will be solved under your outstanding talent only. Each area gives you different mysterious and unpredictable cases. To test the user’s skill and mastery of this classic game.

Detective Conan Runner Mod Features and Outstanding Features:

  • The game plot is a popular novel in the Conan movie of childhood of all ages.
  • The graphics that get the perfect score are many colors shown in the game that appeals to young people.
  • Game effects with unique action are easy to manipulate without causing any difficulty to the user.
  • Unlock famous characters like Connan, Ran, … that you admire.
  • A series of challenges and missions are constantly renewed from the game publisher.
  • Join now to get high value rewards. The more you play, the bigger the reward will be.
  • The game is easy to play, easy to receive rewards, just apply your skills to be able to pass the stage.
  • The sound and images are realistic to every detail, meticulously designed with investment from the game house.

If you are a fan of the famous series in the land of cherry blossoms. Then you should give yourself a chance to experience the interesting things of Detective Conan Runner Mod. I guarantee you won’t waste any time. Join now with Conan and the famous detective team. Instantly solve mysterious cases with great difficulty. Let your reputation grow further and further.

It is known that each challenge of Detective Conan Runner Mod will be divided into different areas. The player must go through and complete the level. To get puzzle pieces about different clues. Then with intelligence that put them together into the key to solve the case. This is something that makes a strong impression on Vietnamese gamers. Experience now Hack Detective Conan Runner Mod Full Money version. Here are some requirements for you to download.

Hack now Detective Conan Runner Mod Full money. To help you shop without looking at product prices. This is a great advantage for users who want to break the game. Enjoy and experience immediately the thrill of the crime-solving journey. During a complicated pandemic like this, experiencing this game at home is the best way to fight the epidemic.

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