NameCyber Fighters: Battle War RPG
UpdateApril 28, 2022
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Cyber ​​Fighters: Legends Of Shadow Battle , a super action role-playing world, has been released to the audience. You will be plunged into the world battlefield of the fiery Cyberpunk. There are countless fierce battles from strong to monotonous, where everyone will be slashed and slashed every day. It is in the city of Detroit that the wars will take place so enter now.

Cheat Codes List

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What is Cyber Fighters: Battle War RPG?

This city needs to be protected and you are the hero we need. Stand up strong fighting so you can defeat your opponents. So what are you waiting for, if you don’t quickly collect this game on your device.

This is an offline ARPG game that promises brutal battles that gamers love. In 2077 the map is redrawn at the end of World War 3. The city of Detroit is a particular knot in which the states have been unsuccessfully divided. Fierce battles also took place from here. Here the robots, monsters have been released and they are wreaking havoc on the world. People’s lives were turned upside down and faced many consequences. You quickly become a hero to fight against the forces of darkness.

With powerful fighting martial arts skills and equipped with weapons, you will unleash your passion. Your mission is to bring the world back to peace with no more wars. Just like other fighting survival games, you have to destroy all enemies in the city. Complete the quick task of the official fanpage to instantly receive the Code Cyber ​​Fighters: Legends Of Shadow Battle. You will have more valuable gifts and upgrade strength.

Code: gfuimvcjda

Quantity: 543

Code: trưionmcxv

Quantity: 896

Code: yutrwomcx

Quantity: 973

Fight to instantly get EXP you level up and can power up quickly. Upgrade equipment and weapons to new heights to help you fight stronger. Collect items and equipment when defeating bosses in the city. The gangs are connecting with each other and creating a powerful force so you also have to join your friends right away.

About Cyber Fighters: Legends Of Shadow Battle

  • The world’s top fighting role-playing game.
  • The Detroit city scene is realistically simulated.
  • Diverse, rich in large and small tasks for you to participate in.
  • Graphics as well as sound no one can criticize.
  • Join and join the fighting gangs.
  • Collect equipment and items to increase combat level.
  • Upgrade levels and combat weapons for characters.

With beautiful graphics and realistic sound create extremely fierce and bouncing competitions. Upgrade your combat items so you can take on more difficult missions. Join the game for free when you have collected it on your device.

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