NameElora’s Raid
UpdateApril 28, 2022
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Elora’s raid has been meticulously developed over the past year or so. The idle card game game helps gamers get moments of relaxation. Belonging to the outstanding idle game series, young people are now too familiar. Excellent gameplay with attractive graphics, tens of millions of gamers have joined after waiting time.

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What is Elora’s Raid?

Experience this addictive card game so that you can have a relaxing time during this long-term Tet holiday. The game is designed as a Japanese-Western mash-up, creating a special charm for the participants. Fierce arenas with easy anime-style characters. So what are you waiting for, if you don’t quickly join the passionate entertainment right now.

The fiery effects of combat skills create a great attraction for the characters. Ultimate weapons make players passionately yearn for them. Elora’s raid latest version has simple gameplay, but very attractive in strategy. The game applies the elemental system to be able to counter each other’s moves and requires transcendent skills. Along with hundreds of different gods for you to choose from as well as collect into your entire set. The champion cards will be upgraded and increased by VIP and the power grows over time.

Now there are many envets as well as events to receive Vip Code Elora’s Raid for you. Let’s quickly join the game together and immediately update the great gifts. Get simple and easy rewards when playing games with friends. Log in and follow the instructions to get a classy mini code.

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Quickly level up by defeating monsters or your opponent. Soon you will receive EXP as well as many other equipment. Increasing the level is that you also increase your combat power to easily fight and destroy your opponent. Elora’s raid is not only classy in terms of graphics, but also features and combat skills. The great prominence makes the fiery, exciting battles create an intense attraction for gamers. Playgame to discover the fullness and variety of a card war.

Many real combat activities will take place in arenas and maps for you to participate in. Rich in different PVE and PVP activities so that players can choose their own challenges. This is the way for you to collect materials, equipment, new champion cards and upgrade combat power. Now you can build a tactical card battle squad against the challenges. Quickly destroy opponents, monsters in front of you so that you can complete the task. Get super attractive and super quality gifts around that time.

Players can also explore and experience the map playing like a dungeon like a maze. Uniquely designed to create a lot of attraction in the gameplay. Reaching the level you can also summon 5 star heroes through the summon pool . Build your own strategy to be able to fight and win the battle after each match. With 6 types of tactical formations and hundreds of card generals for you to build a battle system. Each hero has different skills that you can combine strength, counter each other. Gamers can exchange as well as inter-server communication with each other easily. Top racing and inter-server battles for you to have new fun.

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