Cartoon city 2 : farm and city Cheat Engine 3.12

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NameCartoon city 2 : farm and city
SizeVaries with device
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The player will be able to build a huge city, which one could only dream of. All this will become real when you can download Cartoon city 2: farm and city for android. The player will be engaged in the reconstruction in virtual reality of their own town. First of all, lay paths along which cars and sidewalks for people will begin to ride. Be sure to decorate the environment, for this, put flower beds and plant vegetation. This will make your city beautiful and interesting for new residents. Your development process will begin with a small village, which will soon have to grow to a huge city. Engage in street and infrastructure changes.

List of Gift Codes (April 30, 2022)

  • Zs4itL8Iz0Tc9kOGPgRvKWqyd6mbVe
  • Pf2ZCu0wDE8AXkLpsrtm6xJFT57iUN
  • 1zS3AGu2aiYZQtprWhcdN4JHUVvLK0
  • hKkfIZj3U8V1zRb0LXeOQMwgP6TNps
  • 7bp84VrTkSMNsgFlW19myDBQnOAHdv
  • wbGVh0PuKQc83qAY5o46dHnpTIW1Sz
  • NDaBE7uc9sYFO5PRA6xGXJ8ongf1jy
  • C6y5t7GpeZPAgqjOQxfblvcVzI48H9
  • Grn5ilzPJ1O97Ugw64LsCMjDAWQHNZ
  • xWEpOvQc9Frus71XJ8jMHzVi4yKBeL

Each code can only be entered 183 times. So if Cartoon city 2 : farm and city codes are not working, wait for our next update.

When you can download Cartoon city 2 : farm and town for android get a lot of the following features:

  • The ability to engage in the development of a huge city system and decorate the streets with a huge number of decorations;
  • A huge number of objects for the realization of your dreams;
  • The development of a huge infrastructure and the settlement of new residents in the town;
  • Management of the city, farming and restaurants at the same time.

Simultaneously farms and city building

You will have to constantly take care of your townspeople, and build playgrounds and a restaurant business for them. Engage in the cultivation of various crops, so that later they can be used for production and sale for the townspeople. Build a railroad, which then run the train and he will take goods to other cities and bring money back. Complete a huge number of quests and tasks to increase the population in your city and the level of development. More than a hundred exciting and original tasks that you will face. Arrange a holiday in the city, in which all the inhabitants of the city will take part.

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