Bulu Monster Redeem Codes 8.3.0

Admin - Last update April 29, 2022

NameBulu Monster
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Bulu Monster are fantastic battles between monsters and their trainers. Collect a huge number of monsters in your team and then enter the arena with them, where rivals from all over the world will be waiting for you.

Bulu Monster Cheats List (April 29, 2022)

  • h9oXfubtnmM4BceUApgEqvRyFG56NY
  • osTdFp0aS8Lci4u2GEtreAHJzmP6kI
  • XJ0feFVSQxAWlqgK9MZ1Oc2vkHoDdU
  • koaKRm9MqL32Zns7YWc5xiUJ6jv8up
  • 9iJA0qVb76t8HxQysgUZIfmwOYn35k
  • PG2hDBOZVrWxYpw60I47Lf8e3SkAd9
  • 8U0t47JACwiluxGq9SaZOrXDsHF6hK
  • m7cDN4iEB1xGrUMR0qv9dKnPOthaIT
  • 8ibs3Xl7rtKPdVxL1HeR9qYfk2EI0D
  • PjhsyFMqNDeVG8fmAiTSzLg01rxb5Z

Each code can only be entered 441 times. So if Bulu Monster codes are not working, wait for our next update.

It’s time to take on the role of a real coach and collect a huge number of monsters in the team. Each of them will be unique and powerful in its own way. The player will be on the island of Bulu, famous as the best place to fight monsters. There are an incredible amount of them here, and if you become a Bulu Monster researcher, then you can find even more of them. Hundreds of different monsters and any of them can be in your collection today. Every day, the player will be required to train them and improve their abilities in order to prepare for crazy battles on the world stage. Try to show all your superiority and defeat your rivals while traveling around the vast world. Thanks to the multiplayer mode, Bulu Monster will really reach worldwide fame and become truly the best. Compete with your friends and show them the power of your monster.

Monster battles in Bulu Monster arenas

Players can take part in duels in any of the fifteen available arenas, and each is presented with high-quality fantastic graphics. Explore this huge world and enjoy the features. At the moment, there is access to more than fifty different instructors, and later you can customize the skin of your trainer yourself. If you try Bulu Monster once, it will be difficult to break away from such crazy and bright fights. Your little monsters will constantly grow and go through several stages of revolution, just like in Pokémon, but here you will only have access to monsters. Beat all your opponents and together with the monsters come to the top of the world ranking.

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