NameХраброземье: Герои Магии
SizeVaries with device
UpdateMay 2, 2022
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Braveland: Heroes of Magic is an exciting turn-based strategy game. It also contains elements of a role-playing game. Try to play just once and you will not be able to tear yourself away from such an addictive turn-based game process.

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The whole story began from the moment when the scepter was stolen right from the throne room. It denoted the peaceful existence and power of the seven kingdoms participating in this world at the same time, but now it is gone. At that moment, Braveland: Heroes of Magic gathered together to get involved in the fight for this relic. One of the brave heroes will be the player, who will have amazing and intense adventures in the fantasy world of magic and monsters. Become the main commander over the legion of available fighters and lead them through a huge number of missions and challenges. You will be asked to reach the end and deal with many dangerous enemies in the form of skeletons, zombies or even wild animals. Braveland: Heroes of Magic is a turn-based strategy game with a unique and compelling storyline that will make every moment of the game truly enjoyable. In the process of its passage, you will have to go through a huge number of cities and towns until a relic is found.

Braveland: Heroes of Magic – turn-based strategy

There are quite a few turn-based control games for mobile devices and therefore not everyone can enjoy them to the fullest. But if you become the proud owner of Braveland: Heroes of Magic, then you will find exciting adventures and the best gameplay from this strategy genre. The game involves a huge variety of heroes, monsters and characters, without which it is unrealistic to do. Gather your own powerful army and take it to battle in the turn-based action mode. Defeat all your opponents and get awesome rewards.

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