NameWhamBam Warriors – Puzzle RPG
UpdateMay 1, 2022
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Boombam Fighters – Puzzle RPG – this is a very cool role-playing puzzle game in which the player will be able to meet the best fighters of this universe. Together with them, the player must attack new towers and conquer them for himself.

List of Gift Codes (May 1, 2022)

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Each code can only be entered 127 times. So if WhamBam Warriors – Puzzle RPG codes are not working, wait for our next update.

In this role-playing puzzle, players need to get ready to think a lot and reflect on their every move. Plan absolutely every action and think over your steps. In Boombam Fighters – Puzzle RPG, you will need to clearly follow your amazing strategy and select the best fighters in the history of the army, ready to spend all their strength on battles. You need to correctly calculate combinations of heroes so that they are at the right time and in the right place. Given all this, then it will definitely be possible to win such a powerful war. Use your own logical abilities and think through all the steps. The acting hero will need to solve an incredible number of mysteries of the Bumbam Fighters – Puzzle RPG, directly related to the towers. Choose any fighters from two hundred and prepare them for a crazy battle. Enemies will be waiting for you at every turn and they are deadly. Upgrade your skill and skills, and also watch for the correct location of the fighters in the tactical scheme.

Fighters “Boombam” – Puzzle RPG – card battles of great warriors

Invite your friends to Bumbam Fighters – Puzzle RPG and then you can play together through multiplayer mode and fight in huge Colosseums. Arrange real competitions against random players and try to get hold of the main rewards. Come up with the most effective strategy that will help you fight the legendary heroes and build the best deck. Enemies will be shocked by your power. Destroy your enemies, who have gathered more than a hundred and they are all in different locations. Do your best to win this incredibly powerful war.

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