NameBlaze of Battle
UpdateMay 2, 2022
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Blaze of Battle is an exciting military strategy with elements of defense and city building. You can take control of a small piece of land right now and build on it.

How to Redeem Code (May 2, 2022)

  • GTcYWeil4wnaq0tuy72jMbg5ZoI8mN
  • rhjSyva6di0H8w47pgfJBqFQYemoVD
  • OdAsT25rE3bCg4iPoqKN0ck6tfFHmp
  • 7RALlPJQkzBFqvWicM4du6bSt3eIOG
  • A46JSbnCVUPhswortaZRqxYjBH9kcl
  • nRiNGJjecB1o4tSbKQrApzmvusMYVE
  • 2Ks3H9uJFIpQqcEdPfrgG0amXTAZhz
  • 6nWXhfemOIy12jGQAgu8N4DLtcvrJd
  • kd2ERNBVT9bMCJflxqW4Ay8XSorL6s
  • 2bs6viNPtjC50UkgeYomXOrVT4Wq1y

Each code can only be entered 369 times. So if Blaze of Battle codes are not working, wait for our next update.

From this powerful and huge strategy with military action is simply breathtaking, and it will be unrealistically difficult to break away from it. Try playing Blaze of Battle right now and create the most numerous and experienced army. Together with her, you will travel to nearby lands and capture new territories. Perhaps you can even get to the most important Dragon and destroy it. All real knights dream of bringing such a trophy, but not everyone succeeded. The gameplay is in real time, so other players will constantly try to attack your city, which means that it must be properly protected. Millions of users have already connected to Blaze of Battle and there are always few rivals for them. Replenish this magical world and build another beautiful city with a developed army. Create your own alliance of forces and invite your friends there. You will be able to create an unbreakable alliance and with such forces you can easily deal with other cruel enemies.

Build a city and fight in Blaze of Battle

Right now, start building your own city and develop it. Each player can make the city unique, and it will not be like the others. To do this, there are many settings for personalization. Gather the most powerful and large-scale army of warriors to go through this long path of conquest and battles with it. When you find the Dragon, you will get the most out of controlling it. It will be an unforgettable experience in Blaze of Battle, because such a creature will deal with any type of enemy. But most importantly, do not forget about the strategy, it should be the best in history.

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