Battle Breakers Codes

Battle Breakers is a new unique strategy for mobile gadgets, in which you can choose your hero and create a great warrior from him, who became famous throughout this fantastic universe. Start passing exciting missions in the battle arenas with players from all over the world. A huge virtual kingdom is waiting for its hero, and you will become one.

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Recently, in this magical world, everyone lived in harmony and tranquility, but then invaders from outer space came. They are going to ravage your land and take all its resources, so they need to be prevented. Summon the most powerful heroes to your army and join the great battle for the territory. Defeat various monsters and upgrade your characters, making them stronger with each battle. Create your own village and develop it into a powerful and prosperous kingdom that can withstand the onslaught of any enemy.

In the Battle Breakers app, endless battles await you with bloodthirsty monsters controlled by artificial intelligence and with armies of other players. To develop your army, you need the resources that your kingdom is engaged in, therefore, you should not forget about its modernization. Find the optimal balance of resource extraction and military campaigns, then you can quickly take a leading position in the rating table and become one of the most powerful players in this amazing universe.

Game Features:

UpdateJune 28, 2022
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