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NameBasketball Battle
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A unique and explosive basketball, thanks to which you will have fun every day and not notice any difficulties. You should try to download Basketball Battle for android and play your very first match in this gameplay. You will be able to enjoy a wide variety of levels and tasks, and it will be one big pleasure to pass them. It will be very easy to manage movements and actions, thanks to the optimization of the gameplay. Use simple taps to complete all the actions you need and send the ball to the basket to get points.

Basketball Battle Cheats List (May 16, 2022)

  • 2tbOrmeVPcd6HWZLahT1BK7lQq38pN
  • AQhVk3NcwyL6iaF9zHTjMJYns5BeK0
  • 3CEiMU7KZXkQ19LgFsl0cOpJmPYVjb
  • 1lm2bfe0xwIMWOvdcrNGPHu794ZLBi
  • 8SUDqnlL6g9bHGFNcJIj435ORVEte0
  • u9v1Rbo80dPrHIQOmegfNCW4DFs2tZ
  • dRb1hfCaJvtFBsKX0InHuEQzgZ4OUN
  • b7BefFY3lXko8qiREhgctPp9K20Wws
  • RZ7k5eEcSP3XKT9DCJqy08i6Wtsa1l
  • HEVBQretqISTLv4G2UZsFk0z9576uj

Each code can only be entered 174 times. So if Basketball Battle codes are not working, wait for our next update.

If you dare download Basketball Battle for androidthen you get a lot of opportunities, among which are the following:

  • Nice graphics in the simplest format, allowing you to enjoy the game for a huge amount of time;
  • A large number of variety of actions, among which there are feints and special tricks;
  • Fantastic basket rolls and stroke methods;
  • Game gameplay in original style and graphics;
  • For winning matches, you will receive a large number of rewards, some of which may be exclusive;
  • Opportunities to play for two with rivals in the multiplayer mode.

Fun basketball game

Invite your own friend to take part in the gameplay together and find out who among you is truly considered the best. You will be able to compete with other players and achieve great victories. Perform fantastic jumps, use feints and accurate throws. A lot of funny characters among which you can find your own to use in matches. Learn to perform a lot of actions in order to win and be active not only in attack, but also in defense, because your opponent will attack and try to win this match.

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