Armor Age: Tank Games. RTS War Machines Battle Coupon Codes 1.20.315

Armor Age: Tank Wars is a tactical unique mobile game in which you will need to manage tank amii. The player will be in the twentieth century of modernity, so all the equipment is so modernized and powerful.

Armor Age: Tank Games. RTS War Machines Battle Cheats List (May 8, 2022)

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Each player participating here can take part in any of the two available modes, where there is a single company and a special survival mode. Playing in each, before the military commander opens up a lot of opportunities for Armor Age: Tank Wars. Participating in the single company mode, it will be possible to go through a huge number of scenario missions, with their own intrigues and exciting tasks. If you choose to participate in survival mode, then you will have to face other players from all over the world and try to defeat them in full-scale battles. Constantly win new parts and items, due to which your tanks and even the crew itself can be upgraded and increase their skill level. If you succeed in the tactical wars of Armor Age: Tank Wars, then you will be rewarded with blueprints for completely new vehicles, which can be used to upgrade your own tank. Make the most powerful tank and then your rivals will tremble at the mere sight of it.

Tactical tank strategy in Armor Age: Tank Wars

In one squad, each player will be able to have up to five different tanks, from which it will be realistic to build tactics and strategy. All military equipment presented in this tactical game exists in reality and has similar characteristics. That is why all participants of Armor Age: Tank Wars can feel like real military commanders. Choose one ideal strategy for each tank, thanks to which it will be possible to capture a bunch of victories. Under the control of the player may be a huge garage, where there is equipment. Connect to the multiplayer mode, where you can become the best warrior among real world players.

NameArmor Age: Tank Games. RTS War Machines Battle
UpdateMay 8, 2022
Get It OnGoogle Play

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